I got what I wanted (Updated)

Candace Parker played. She played very well indeed. I was impressed.1

And WE WON!!

And we are now a mere game out of first place in the East. Life is very good indeed.

Thank you, New York Liberty, for improving in so many different ways. We have post players. We have two good point guards. We have DE-FENCE. In fact, other than Indiana, I think we’re the best defensive team in the WNBA. I love our full-court pressure. I love the many ways we made LA turn over the ball. Twas bliss.

Now all we have to do is shoot a bit better and we’ll be perfect.

Too exhausted and happy to get more analytical. This has been the best New York Liberty year in AGES. Colour me ecstatic.

Let’s go LIBERTY!

Update: The crowd was just shy of 13,000, which is the biggest we’ve had all year. So the atmosphere was incredible. We screamed ourselves hoarse—especially cause there were a few too many pockets of evil LA Sparks fans in the audience. My fave part was when the Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA! chant got going in our section. We may have had something to do with that . . .

  1. She’s not dirty in defence unlike, say, Lisa Leslie or Delisha Milton-Jones. []


  1. rebecca on #

    13,000? Nice. I wish San Antonio could get that many!

  2. BJ on #

    Whoa! I’ve just discovered this blog And your work Justine… how awesome to tune into your blog and read you talking about the WNBA – I’m a raving lunatic about them and I used to live in Connecticut so was a huge Liberty fan before the Sun existed! Literary smarts and a lively b’ball discussion? I’m in!

    The game with LA was really great – go Janelle! She’s one of my favs, ever since she and Lindsay took their team to the NCAA’s! She played really well – as the whole team did! I love a tight contest! I love the fact that the “power three” were back for LA but the Liberty beat them anyway! No one can say that the Sparks weren’t at there best… Shameka, and Katherine played very hard, they always do… and I loved Ashley’s little first down dramatics! The Liberty are very exciting! Glad you liked the game too!

  3. Patrick on #

    Did you realize that the New England Patriots training camp is now open! Oh yes, Football is back!

  4. Justine on #

    Rebecca: I bet they did when the Sparks played. It’s Candace Parker fever.

    BJ: Welcome! Nice to have another bball fan here. Sadly most of my readers do not appreciate the glories of the WNBA.

    Patrick: One more mention of USian gridiron and you’re banned. Unless the ball is round it ain’t football.

  5. Patrick on #

    Meanie! 🙂

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