Live long and marry auction

The Live Long and Marry auction has topped $30,000 46,000. Wow. That’s just astonishing. Thirty thousand dollars! Forty-six thousand dollars!

For those who are curious: the winning bid to have me name a character after you (or something) went for $225. (Gulp.) So the biology teacher in my next novel, who already had a Japanese name, is now named Yayeko Shoji after the bidder’s mother.

Great name, huh? I’m very pleased it worked out. I was worried I’d wind up with an unusable name, you know, like BrushWithDeath Mergatroid. But it worked out perfectly. Happiness for everyone.

Here’s hoping that this nasty anti-love initiative to strip people of the right to marry is defeated.


  1. hillary! on #

    Are there realy people out there with names like “BrushWithDeath Mergatroid”?
    And, about the poll…I more or less read my books under the desk, but like I said before, most of my techers never really said anything about it because they were usually astounded that someone was reading, not texting. Does that still count as reading under the desk.

  2. sherwood on #

    Try 46,000…and climbing.

  3. Lauren on #

    If you’re not using BrushWithDeath Mergatroid, can I have it?

  4. Justine on #

    Hillary! There are lj handles like that.

    Sherwood: Wow. Have edited to add awesome new number.

    Lauren: BrushWithDeath Mergatroid is mine all mine!

  5. Casey on #

    I think it was really swell of you to participate in Live Long and Marry. I’m constantly amazed by the depths of generosity of fandom types (not to mention the mad organizational skills). I can’t remember exactly how much it was in the end, but a few years ago, fan artists on Livejournal made a HUGE amount of money for tsunami relief by auctioning their work.

  6. rebecca on #

    YAYYYYY!!!! that is so so so so awesome! 😀

  7. Corey J Feldman on #

    What a powerful and personal yet public way to support wonderful cause. Good for you Justine!

  8. Harmony on #

    Wow. That’s a whole lot of money!! I auctioned a fandom quote/lyric journal, as well as a general quote/lyric journal, and a YA novel critique and each went for $15 which made me very happy.

    But the amount yours made…whoa.

    Do you know how much the map Tamora Pierce was auctioning went for?

  9. Joey on #

    Was waiting a bit before posting this. Thank you for supporting the Live Long and Marry auction! And thank you for accommodating my naming request! Whenever I think about it I clap (quietly) with glee!

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