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I may have mentioned that Leilani Mitchell of the New York Liberty looks pretty much exactly how I imagined Charlie, the protag of How To Ditch Your Fairy, looking. And she’s a point guard—just like Charlie! How perfect is that?

So here is a Leilani photo taken by Bruce Yeung to adorn the most recent reviews of HTDYF.1

The first review is over at Book Lover. Be warned it is VERY spoilery.

The second one comes from Enchanting Reviews. They give HTDYF five enchantments!2 Here’s a wee snip of the review:

Charlie is a witty and lovable heroine; I almost wish she was my best friend! The idea behind this novel was so unique, which is another reason I loved this novel so much. Just the concept of having personal fairies is so cool, and I liked how the fairy aspect of the novel never seemed superficial. All in all, I completely enjoyed reading this story because it was so well-written and made me sigh in happiness. HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY was a perfect blend of all its elements and a novel I most definitely recommend.

The third review comes from the Menasha Library (Wisconsin) Kid’s Lit blog:

The lightness and freshness of this novel make it read like a frothy teen novel with little substance, but that isn’t the case. Underneath the humor there are more serious questions lingering about fairies, faith, and friendship for those who want a little more depth. Teens can read it on several levels, which means that it will appeal to a wide range of readers. The teen characters are interesting and always more than their fairies seem to be. The obsessive nature of the New Avalon society is a great commentary on American culture. A great part of the fun of the book is Larbalestier’s teen language that is unique to New Avalon but easily understood by all. It just makes the reading all the more enjoyable.

This review is especially pleasing cause, you know, that’s what I was going for! (Though I was commenting on Australian culture as well as American.) So lovely when readers read what you think you put on the page.

She finishes by saying,

Recommended for teens age 12-15. Little handselling will be necessary for this one. It will fly off the shelves on fairy wings.

Fingers crossed she’s right! Cause that would be deeply awesome! (Why, yes, I am imagining HTDYF sprouting wings and flying around bookshops and libraries all over North America. What of it?)

  1. I love this photo. How gorgeous is it that her coach, Patty Coyle, is taller than she is? Also that Leilani’s so ready to get back into the game that Coyle has to hold her jersey to finish giving her the rest of the play. []
  2. I’m really hoping it’s out of five, not ten. []


  1. hillary! on #

    When you moved here, the USA, did you have no clue who some of our most famous people were?

  2. capt. cockatiel on #

    Agh! The reviews just make me want it more!! On the bright side, the library finally decided that I was worthy of an advanced hold on HTDYF, and that’s always a perk if I wind up broke from all the concerts I’m going to and completely unable to get my parents to buy it for me. XD

  3. RachaelfromNJ on #

    Hi Justine! I’m sorry that you felt I gave too much away in my review. I did thoroughly enjoy the book and didn’t mean to give anything away in my summary. I guess I said too much in my excitement after finishing the book and I apologize for that. Alot of readers have emailed me though commenting on how the review makes them want to read the book and I do constantly recommend your books to friends.

  4. Justine on #

    RachaelinfromNJ: Don’t worry about it. Truly. I am neurotic writer. We think mentioning the names of characters is giving too much away.

    Thanks so much for the kind review. I really appreciate it.

  5. RachaelfromNJ on #

    Hi Justine
    You’re welcome. It’s a wonderful book.

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