Fixing my FAQ*

I’ve been meaning to update my FAQ for ages. I’m thinking of dividing it into different subject areas like Diana did on her blog: such as, my various books, writing, publishing, whatever else you want to know.

So if you have any questions about writing or publishing or my books or anything else that isn’t already answered on the FAQ fire away.

*Is it just me or does that sound vaguely obscene?


  1. Gina on #

    How do you write a novel? you said in another post that you have changed how you write them.

  2. Anon on #

    Whats it like living in 2 contries?

  3. hillary! on #

    It does sound a little obscene.
    I can only imagine how Libba Bray reacts when she gets rejected. She’s so wonderfully dramatic!

  4. Ariel Zeitlin Cooke on #

    How about these:
    Will there be another book set in the MORM world?
    Will there be another book set in the HTDYF world?
    Have you ever written non-fantasy? (And then you can talk about the new one)
    What other books do you recommend?

  5. Diana Peterfreund on #

    You seem to be drawn to very unusual names for your characters: Reason, Jay-Tee, and now Charlie and Fiorenze. I know you’ve talked about the story behind “Reason,” but what about the new books?

    Also, how did you come up with the idea for personal fairies?

    And why do you love Elvis so much?

  6. hillary! on #

    And sports? Why do you love sports so much?
    And what’s your favorite color? and what type of car do you have, if you have one, if not, what kind would you like?
    Do you want a chimpanzee or a monkey or a teacup piglet?
    I could go one, but I don’t want to waste your time.

  7. Patrick on #

    Have you ever played organized basketball?

  8. Liset on #

    i was reading the FAQs, and maybe i’m just a romantic, but I think it’s SUPER cute when Scott defends you in the WHATEVER blog! ^-^

    I think in your FAQs you should write more about your marriage, I know it’s extremely personal but I find it so interesting! (way more than any celeb couple!)

    Also my best friend (and ex-boyfriend) is a writer like me, and we are anything but harmonious when we write. In fact we’re down right mean and suspicious of each other! hehe. But it’s all in good fun, cause when we work on the same project it’s like me have the same mind!

  9. Lizabelle on #

    What’s your favourite place in Sydney (apart from the cemetary in Newtown)?

  10. hillary! on #

    Is it weird to know more about your favorite authors celebrities?

  11. Justine on #

    hillary!: I’m not sure I understand the question. Can you explain?

  12. Benjamin Rosenbaum on #

    What do you feel is the essence of inspired play in the loose in fifteen-man rugby? In the scrum? The line-out?

  13. Brittany on #

    The devil books, must they be typed and submitted in a particular format? Or is standard Times New Roman 12pt Single spaced ok?

  14. Justine on #

    Brittany: I submit my books electronically. So what font I use is irrelevant. They can just change it. I always double space as it’s industry standard. I hate Times New Roman and never use it.

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