Just saw Warriors with someone who had never seen it before. She was disappointed that the mime gang has so little screen time. She concedes however that other than that it is the best film ever made.

Then we decided that we need to form a YA novelist gang but we couldn’t agree on the colours. On account of one of us kept insisting on fuchsia and certain others of us were dead against it.

I think my next novel is going to be Warriors meets The Wedding Planner. There will be lots of mimes. It will go off!!


  1. cuileann on #


    I would say oust the fuschia proponent, but I think he has some knowledge crucial to the gang’s success. Bubbliness and bogusity, etc.

  2. NotAnotherExit on #

    The recent news that -romance writers- formed a gang using hearts and chains as their colors has left YA no choice but to form a bigger, better, stronger gang!

    Complimentary color pairs such as “angst and dried blood” and “outcast and black” are currently being debated on YA bookshelves nation-wide!

    Tune in to a local YA bookshelf near you to see the dramatic results of this week’s breakthrough story!

    (PS Chartreuse is so fun to try and say.)

  3. Karen on #

    YA novelists, come out to plaaaayyy!

  4. sherwood on #

    Oh lord another Walter Hill cult classic. Just yesterday someone was talking about Streets of Fire. Which (I pointed out) is actually The Trojan War. Really. Yes, Willem Dafoe and whatserhame “Ellen” is Helen, and everyone in a fifties setting only eighties ugly, ugly clothes. Ellen’s big number (by Meatloaf “I dreamed of an angel with the fire of a prince in his eye and dancing like a cat on the stairs”)? Her dress looks, and hangs, like it’s made of rubber.

  5. veejane on #

    The Warriors is hilarious and awesome! If for nothing else than for the hand-tooled leather vests (often worn over no shirt). Its appeal is in the fact that its heroic-paranoid fantasy is played totally straight, without a wink or a nod, so that the audience is never directly confronted with their own participation in that fantasy.

    And now, your friend will understand when you suddenly bellow, “CAN YOU DIG IT??”

  6. Justine on #

    Warriors fans can DIG IT!!

    So pleased to find other Warriors lovers.

    NotAnotherExit: Hah! “Angst and dried blood” are the perfect YA gang colours.

    Karen: You just made me laugh. I think the next time I’m at a YA gathering I’m going to show up with bottles worn on my fingers.

    Sherwood: I have never seen Streets of Fire it sounds excellently dire.

    The Warriors we watched last night had been buggerised about by the director to make it more pretentious and annoying. Why do they do that? Gah!! But the print was pristine. It looked gorgeous.

    Veejane: Plus all the pretty boys.

  7. Allie on #

    Warriors=ridiculously awesome.
    Also, I like the angst and dried blood as the colors. Very much so.
    As for the gang itself, I might just have to become a YA novelist so I can join. Finally some motivation for me to write instead of reading your blog all day!

  8. Seth Christenfeld on #

    I, for one, would rather read a combination of The Warriors and The Wedding Singer.

  9. Gabrielle on #

    XD I think the best part about this is that even before I clicked the first link and saw who it was who wanted the mime gang, I knew it was Maureen.

  10. sherwood on #

    Do try Streets of Fire when you’re in the mood. High intellectual content? Michael Pare and Willem Dafoe in a duel with sledge hammers. Hoooeeee.

  11. rebecca on #

    turquoise and brown ftw!

  12. C.B. James on #

    I think it would be fun to cross Warriors with Xanadu. Musical, skating, gang fighting camp classic nightmare sort of thing with Olivia Newton John.

    What’s not to like.

  13. Eric Luper on #

    I liked the baseball gang and the roller-skaters best. Awesome movie!!!

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