1. Annalee Flower Horne on #

    I feel like the right sort of tilty-window would make this possible. The ones that open by tilting out instead of sliding up.

  2. Jason Erik Lundberg on #

    I so wish for an invention that would put this idea into practice. Singapore is tropically hot all year long, being, um, tropical and all, and we get some really amazing rainstorms here. Mostly during the monsoon season. The build-up, where the breeze blows through the house, and actually cools things down, and the smell of water vapor and approaching downpour, and then the subsequent unleashing of torrents of water to soak you instantly if you were stupid enough to go out without your brolly, and that sound of driving tropical rain and wind . . . there’s nothing quite like it. Twould be nice to experience without a pane of glass inbetween.

  3. G on #

    We have those windows in Berlin, the tilting in at the top kind. But we have no screens. I would trade it all for screens- and if you put an awning on the balcony, except when the wind drives right at you, you can open the french doors….

  4. Christopher Barzak on #

    Can you put up awnings like old New York buildings used to have on all their windows? I bet that’d keep out the rain.

  5. Ted Lemon on #

    Here in Arizona, we call that a “wraparound porch”. They totally rule – you can stand out on the porch and feel the thirty-degree drop in temperature as the storm front comes in, and watch the hailstones, all without getting more than your toes wet.

  6. the dragonfly on #

    it’s quite frustrating here in germany in my apartment with no air conditioning. so when it storms (like right now!) it’s rather stuffy inside..

  7. lunamoth on #

    Hear hear! I leave the sliding door open in the second floor bedroom (leads to a balcony) and my hubby makes me close it because of the wet getting on the carpet.

    When I was a kid, the power would go out all the time in summer storms, so when one was blowing in, we’d unplug all the delicate stuff like the TV (this was before computers were ubiquitous), get the candles ready, and sit on our front porch to feel the cool breezes and watch the downpours.

  8. Merrie Haskell on #

    We have a spiffy window over our bed that tilts out, and thus we can have our wind and keep dry too. Unfortunately, the roof of the garage is so close to the window that when it rains really hard, it bounces up into the window anyway.

  9. janet on #

    Rain in the summer? That happens?

    We could sure use some of that right now in California. Even if it didn’t put out the fires, it might wash some smoke out of the air….

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