I’ve been playing with wordle, which is a lovely app by Jonathan Freiberg that a bunch of writers have been playing with on account of it is irresistible. You plug in your novel (or whatever text you want) and the app makes it all pretty. You can futz with the layout, the colours, the fonts etc. Procrastination heaven!1

I fed in a bunch of my novels. And oohed and ahed. And then I fed in my novel what I is currently writing and lo and behold not just pretty but useful. I could see at a glance what words I’m overusing and which characters and threads are getting the most attention. Interesting . . .

Notice that I have made it small enough that there are no real spoilers. I am so good to you people.

And did I mention pretty?

  1. What do writers on a deadline live for but to procrastinate? []


  1. Jana Stocks on #


  2. cecil on #

    thank you for letting me find a way to make my wip look cool and not seem crappy! xo

  3. JS Bangs on #

    The “I’m Zach” in the middle of yours is especially striking. I like it!

  4. Patrick on #

    I like ‘DAD things’

  5. emily on #

    OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.uhm. i have a guess on the title. is it ok to post here or should i email it to you justine?

  6. Justine on #

    Emily: Guess away. Here’s fine.

  7. Patrick on #


  8. emily on #

    is it liar? or liar, liar? or something like that?

    because the file name is liarbook….

    just a thought………

  9. hillary! on #

    Wow, Emily, you are awsome. And it just further confirms my suspicions.

  10. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    I suspect “liar book” is a working title, sort of like “fairy book” was.

  11. Katerate on #

    Are you writing the book about a pathological liar? You mentioned it sometime ago…

  12. Justine on #

    No, sad to say, but Emily is not awesome. (Well not for spotting the file name.) And Mary Elizabeth S. and Katerate are correct. I has mentioned several times that the protag of the book is a compulsive liar. I even asked you guys to talk about your experiences lying.

    The title of the book—as I have mentioned—is also the title of a song by a 90s all girl group. No one has yet guessed that song. Or the group for that matter.

  13. emily on #

    aw :(…ok.

    good luck with the book!

  14. elodie on #

    the amount of don’t, didn’t, doesn’t and wasn’t amuses me XD the book about things not being what you think!

  15. Patrick on #

    Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer

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