And so does wombat excrement!

No, not really. I just wanted to type “wombat excrement”.

I’ve had some complaints about not changing the poll. The reasons for that are that:

  1. I’ve been really busy. This book ain’t writing itself!
  2. I’m waiting for a clear winner. Seriously, ugg boots, lingerie as outer wear, formal shorts, pregnancy dresses and tops on the non-pregnant, and low riders are pretty much neck and neck.
  3. It’s my favourite poll. I would miss it if it were gone.

I’ve also been cooking. The farmer’s market at Union Square has gotten good again after its hideous nothing-but-gourds winter doldrums.1 The spring garlic especially is making me really happy. Also I have discovered garlic scapes. Yum. I’ve been frying them with tomatoes and serving on bread with soft boiled eggs and whatever greens looked best at the markets. Yummiest breakfast ever.

Anyone else a farmer’s market addict? What’s best where you are? And what have you been doing with it? I mean other than just plain eating like I am with the strawberries that are just coming in. Delicious!

  1. Yet another reason not to be in NYC in winter. []


  1. Reb on #

    I’m not much of a cook, but up in the Inwood area of the city, we’ve got a tiny but awesome Saturday morning farmer’s market as well. My weekly shopping usually includes an excellent goat cheese and olive spread, fresh bread upon which to spread it, a veggie of some sort, a jug of cider, and either strawberries or one of the mini-pies that are often for sale. Saturday is the most delicious day of the week.

  2. Caryn on #

    All right, you guilted me into finally voting. It’s a hard one, though. As for veggies, I’m still waiting for our own tomatoes to ripen on their vines. Yum.

  3. sherwood on #

    Totally snarfed me tay.

    I think I’d better go up to the poll and vote 345,829 times against shrugs.

  4. Justine on #

    Amber: I cannot believe you linked to one of those from my blog! You are in SUCH trouble.

  5. Lauren on #

    dayboat flounder batter fried with garlic mayonaise made with this season’s new garlic. Oh and mint. Yummy mint with mushy peas.

  6. Pt Sefton on #

    It’s winter here but the old Italian lady at our local market has a kind of Lima bean called Madagascar that you have to shell. Great on their own but better in a tomato sauce with rack of lamb. Saving some to grow.

  7. G on #

    We have even fewer fruits and vegetables in Berlin markets in winter (think cabbage) and what I’ve been going crazy with for the last 4 weeks is rhubarb. Then rhubarb and strawberry. And greenbeans, cherry tomatoes and more rhubarb and strawberries.

  8. janet on #

    In the San Francisco area we’re getting early tomatoes, summer squash (zucchini, yellow crookneck, and other varieties), green beans, and stone fruits. Lots of basil and other fresh herbs. Asparagus is past its peak at this point, but we’re still getting some. Strawberries still going strong, too. I’ve seen local corn and grapes at the supermarket, but not yet at the farmer’s market. We get greens, root vegetables, and cruciform vegetables pretty much year round, so I tend to take them for granted.

    This year we’ve had a very hot, dry May and early June (fire season starts early this year), so for most of the last 6 weeks it’s been too hot to cook. Luckily my favorite summer dinner involves no cooking: Greek salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, basil, olives, olive oil, vinegar, pepper, feta cheese optional); a good loaf of bread; cheese, pate, and/or hummus; and a cold bottle of good, crisp rose. (Yes, pink wine. There are some good ones.)

  9. marrije on #

    you’ve been cooking? i thought you didn’t cook? or was it just no *baking* on account of no oven in nyc?

    my boyfriend cooked lasagne from scratch today, plus crema catalana, yum. all with ingredients from the supermarket, since we don’t really have a farmer’s market. or do we? mmm, must investigate.

    do you have time for the footie? the dutch are quite on fire, the whole country is full of happy middle-aged guys with slightly too much drink in them. 🙂

  10. Nicky on #

    I love cooking & hunting out fresh f&v at markets.

    I love the concept of farmer’s markets. I’m not so in love with the concept of arising early & being somewhere on one of the few days I don’t have to (joys of doing school runs). Doesn’t help I live with a total night owl.

    Brisbane winter markets are a little sparse but not as severe as some places.

  11. Gillian on #

    I’m in Sydney for a few days and went to Paddy’s on Friday. Not a Farmers’ Market, true, but they had mangosteens. My friends and I are eating them this weekend. (is this where the ‘mwa ha ha’ goes?)

  12. claudia on #

    I am in NYC and I am like an addict of the Union Square farmers market. My whole family goes together as a big like bonding thing all the time.

    the family the cooks and eats together stays together!

  13. Jacqui on #

    Yum. Garlic scapes are a new discovery for me, too. Must make pesto with garlic scapes and spinach. Delicious.

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