1. maureen johnson on #


  2. Justine on #

    Oh noes! My boots have broken Maureen!

  3. Karen on #

    Dear god, you had them handmade with the family crest! Larbalestiboots!

  4. rebecca on #

    wowwwww. those are fancy!!

  5. Rikhei on #

    Those boots REEK of awesome.

  6. Eric Luper on #

    Those boots kick ass! I love the crossbow crest! I always go through boot-wanting phases. Then I talk myself out of it. You have inspired me to want boots again!

  7. holly black on #

    Oh my word! Those boots rock so hard they’re going to kill someone.

  8. Justine on #

    Karen: Well spotted! Yes, that is the Larbalestier family crest and yes they was handmade. They is SO comfortable!

    Larbalestiboots . . . Tee!

  9. veejane on #

    Those are BOOTS.

    The only down side is, when you wear those boots, you will have to be carried around on somebody’s shoulders so that the boots are eye-level to all and sundry.

  10. Christopher Barzak on #

    Whoa! Those are some seriously awesome boots! Did you have them specially made, cause I see the family symbol there on them, which is WAY cool.

  11. Christopher Barzak on #

    Whoa! Those are some seriously awesome boots!

  12. Christopher Barzak on #

    I posted one, then read and realized you’d already mentioned they were specially made. Just ignore me. :p

  13. CAAF on #

    Those have to be the most awesome of awesome boots!

  14. Camille on #

    Ooooh! Nice! Very “Devil’s Panties.”

    (Er… that’s a webcomic! A very nice and innocent webcomic! With awesome boots.)

  15. hope on #

    Well Ms. Larbalestiboots, whatcha gonna wear ’em with?

  16. Gabrielle on #

    Oh my, those are fabulous! And handmade! Sheesh…

  17. David Moles on #

    hope@15: with the matching arbalest, one assumes.

  18. hope on #

    david moles

    ooh, yes an arbalest, but i hope she would *carry* that, not wear it. leggings? pleather? what can be worthy of the awesomeness of those boots?

  19. Bill on #

    What the fashionable Slayer will be wearing this spring season…

    Methinks these will be Ms. Justine’s “summer boots” like some rich people in the Snow Belt have “summer cars” (typically Porsches or Corvettes) that never see snow.

    Oh, wait; I guess all her boots are like that. 🙂

  20. cherie priest on #

    Those are, in fact, killer boots m’lady!

  21. gwenda on #


  22. Cat Sparks on #

    Justine, it appears your Elvis gene has kicked into overdrive!

  23. Justine on #

    Elvis = shiny!

  24. marrije on #

    oh wow. oh wow. works of art, they are.

  25. Delia on #

    Those boots are definately worthy of a cult of their own. There could be festivals. Polishing Day. Re-Soling Monday. Tap Tuesday (for when the heels wear down). I’d sign up. Word.

  26. Patrick on #

    your boots keep IMing me. I wish they’d stop seeing how I am attempting to write.

  27. Danica on #

    Justine, those are some seriously hot boots.

    I am jealous.

  28. Pauline on #

    epitome of kickass

  29. Dess on #

    waaaaaannnnttttt. is viry noice. I r jealous of noice boots.

  30. Laura on #

    Very cool. I was wondering when those would show up…

  31. kim on #

    this is completly random, but my cats name is Boots. we named her that because she is black with white paws.

    by the way the boots are awsome!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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