1. Marie on #

    Slightly off-topic Justine, but I’m curious-

    What do you think of this.

    P.S. I agree with jennifer, aka literaticat mostly, but I’m a teen, and haven’t read huge amounts of Adult Fiction.

  2. David Moles on #

    fiction focusing on the concerns of people over 25.

    was that so hard?

    (excludes most of what’s published as non-YA fiction, I admit, particularly in genre, but what can you do?)

  3. jennifer, aka literaticat on #

    sucky and boring, mostly.

  4. Patrick on #

    I’m still trying to understand women’s fiction. Is it illegal for me to read it?

  5. Gwenda on #


  6. Camille on #

    Uh… isn’t that generally the euphemism for porn? (I am not being facetious!)

    If we’re talking the actual category and not the marketing lingo, “adult” fiction winds up being anything in the mainstream, the template from which all “genres” — YA, chick, fantasy/SF, Queer, action, romance — are deviations of some kind. (I don’t approve of this, but it is sort of… what happens.) “Literary fiction”?

    I’ll stop abusing quotation marks now!

  7. David S. on #

    Anything published by Playboy or Penthouse. Adult fiction journals such as these are very popular amongst male YA readers too, go figure…

  8. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Nope, for the same reasons that I didn’t try to define YA. :]


  9. jonathan on #

    Adult fiction is anything not good enough to make it into junior or teen.

    And along the lines of what other people have said, I’ve had a couple of strange looks when showing people around the library and say, “this is where we keep all the adult DVDs”

  10. bennett on #

    i just wrote the longest post and was rejected because i forgot to fill in my email address. justine, is it floating in your comment approval somewhere or is it gone for good?

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