1. Camille on #

    I fear I must remain stridently anti-ghoul. I’m a ghoulist. Anti-Ghoulite. Or something.

  2. Jennifer on #

    I’d still vote for ghouls over werewolves. Anita Blake ruined weres for everybody 😛

    That said, I voted for witches, and vamps would be my second. Alas, neither are gonna win this one, I think.

  3. JJ on #

    I voted for ghouls, just to please you (and the ghouls).

  4. Lori S. on #

    Ghouls are an archaic category entirely subsumed by zombies of the brain-eating type.

    I voted for zombies, but I meant the other type.

  5. Chris McLaren on #

    Richard Pickman represent, yo!

  6. Laura on #

    I’m partial to Vampires. Sorry:)

  7. rebecca on #

    i’m not even sure what a ghoul is. maybe if i did, i’d vote for them. but i kinda doubt it. go cyborgs! 😛

  8. celsie on #

    It’s not that we don’t love ghouls, it’s that our love for them is second to vampires, faeries, and zombies. Or whatever the top three are currently.

  9. KT Horning on #

    I always thought a ghoul was a ghost who knew it was dead. I voted for ghosts because I like their eternal optimism.

  10. Tim on #

    This was the hardest poll you’ve ever put up, IMHO. I was going to vote for ghouls just because you asked, but then I saw the choices. I mean, wow, how do you choose between vampires and cyborgs? All kinds of moral and entertainment dilemmas embedded in this one poll . . .

  11. Carrie on #

    Sorry, zombies have my heart. I’m sure they’d like the rest as well…

  12. Jeff Hentosz on #

    Ghouls Rule! “The Ghoul” was the more popular of the midnight monster movie hosts on northeast Ohio TV when I was a kid. He was, truly, a god to us fourth-graders. His shtick in the ’70s was based on an earlier character from the ’60s, Ghoulardi — a beatnik Ghoul! Google him and be complete.

  13. Hillary! on #

    I voted for faeries. I <3 faeries.

  14. Bill on #

    I’m in for witches. Could it be because I just finished MAGIC OR MADNESS? Distinct possibility.

    However, Willow and Serafina Pekkala are also making strong cases.

    Xander: It could be witches… some evil witches… which is ridiculous ’cause witches they were persecuted, wicked good and love the earth and women-power and I’ll be over here…

  15. Justine on #

    Bless, those of you who showed the ghouls some love.

    K.T. Hornig: I am also a sucker for ghost stories . . .

    Tim: I figured it was time for hard one. And, yeah, I have no idea which of those choices I would vote for either.

    Oh, who am I kidding I would totally vote for zombies. I may leave the poll up until the zombies win.

    Bill: Best musical episode ever. Though isn’t the lyric “wicca, good” not “wicked good”?

  16. Rikhei on #

    I’m also not really sure what ghouls are, but I will vote for them. Perhaps you might be so kind as to explain in another post…?

  17. margo on #

    I thought ghouls were those people who slowed down when they passed a car accident, hoping to see injured people. So I didn’t vote for them. I went for witches. I think witches have more interesting personalities than all those others. Yeah, I’m sticking with witches.

  18. kim on #

    what, no unicorns?!?!?!?!?! 🙂

  19. claire on #

    i don’t know what a ghoul is.

  20. Gillian on #

    Zombies everywhere will be saddened to learn that you now love ghouls. Even if you still love zombies, it’s an imperfect love.

    I voted for unicorns on page 2 of the poll, myself.

  21. Pauline on #

    The OED Online says that a ghoul is “An evil spirit supposed (in Muslim countries) to rob graves and prey on human corpses.” It also provides (amongst others) the following quotation, which I love:

    “LOWELL Among my Bks. Ser. I. (1873) 84 It sucks with the vampire, gorges with the ghoule.”

  22. Bill on #

    Justine: Wicca good does make more sense.

    BTW, my five-year-old daughter’s favorite song in the world is “Walk Through the Fire”.

    I’m SUCH a bad parent. 🙂

  23. holly black on #

    Steve loves ghouls. I hope he votes for them.

  24. MooseGuy on #

    Seriously, ghouls suck. Nobody pretend otherwise. Not even to please Justine! Oh wait, is that blasphemy? Um… to summarise, stop liking ghouls. Just, ’cause, you know, they’re not… good? Yes. Ghouls are not good.

  25. mensley on #

    Best for *what* I wonder?

    Are we talking lover, combat support, politician, protagonist, villain, or soup stock?

    Pot-au-goule is okay, I guess, but you really do need to add a lot of rosemary and some dry sherry to to pot and simmer for hours and hours so get rid of that dusky aftertaste…

  26. _iris_ on #

    I don’t have anything against ghouls. I just like vampires best. werewolves next, with werewolves at a close third!

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