A queue for . . . what?!

I cannot tell you how bizarre and funny I find this:


The picture does not capture how insanely long the queue was. As I walked past I was wondering what rare and amazing thing they were lining up for. Concert tickets? The best chocolate in the world? Gold statues of quokkas?

Nope. They was in line for ugg boots. Ugg boots! Who in their right mind would queue up to buy Ugg boots?

I shake my head in disbelief.


  1. Edwina on #

    US of A stole ugg boots from oz.

    i spit on them.

  2. shelly rae on #

    aren’t they still made in oz? yes, they’re damn ugly and should only be worn around the house as slippers but aren’t you pleased that usaians are buying oz goods?
    Perhaps there was a bargain to be had? I don’t know, I won’t stand in a line to buy anything. Heck, I hate standing in lines at all and avoid it as much as possible.

  3. Lisa on #

    The world is truly a strange and unusual place.

  4. emily on #

    wow. the really sad part is that you can get ugg boots pretty much anywhere. there is absolutely no reason to stand in line for them. that is insane.

    on the other hand, maybe i shouldnt be critisizing, considering i spent $113 (and a couple hours) on holister online 2 days ago . . .

  5. Edwina on #

    no. basically, they make some in oz, but the ones sold in the usa are usa made.

    its crazy and evil, stealing jobs away from the true creators.

  6. Rainy on #

    Speaking of the word ‘queue’, I remember being in an airport in London once and they told everyone to get ‘in a straight Q’ and I was thinking ‘the letter?’. But that’s when I realized that there were different words for Q’s and queue’s and lines… =]

    Anyway, that is a little absurd(though those Uggs are *really* comfy).

  7. tole on #

    I actually spotted the ugg sign before i read the post, and thought how funny it was because it looked like they were queuing for ugg boots – and wouldn’t that be ridiculous…..

  8. Cat Sparks on #

    no no no no no!!! thats just wrong. All those people should go back to their trailer parks and stay there. uggs were banned in the southern hemisphere for a very good reason!

  9. Gillian on #

    Isn’t a USA firm suing Aussie manufacturers for brand name infringement? Maybe the people queuing have advance notice of the decision and are trying to preserve an endangered species?

  10. MooseGuy on #

    Why don’t they buy their own superior v. casual footwear (moccasins)?

  11. lili on #

    as long as they wear their ugg boots INSIDE, then they can queue away. i am wearing some right now, and my feet are singing with joy. but not outside. no way. that way bogan-ness lies…

  12. serafina zane on #

    whatever has the world come to?
    don’t they know ugg boots are overpriced and more than slightly ugly, especially when dyed in highly unnatural colors such as teal or pink? and also, they look really wierd with jeans tucked into them? obviously, these people were never informed of such a thing, and are obviously buying boots for some poor misguided relative’s christmas gift.

  13. cassie on #

    AAAH! I passed that store yesterday and was boggled. I was actually going to text you and tell you about the line but my phone was acting up.

  14. Katie on #

    Oh my God. Why would anyone want Uggs? They’re the most God awful things I’m ever seen.

  15. Edwina on #

    Quote from gillian:

    Isn’t a USA firm suing Aussie manufacturers for brand name infringement?


    Yeah, they are, which is why it’s ridiculous! Uggs were invented in Oz.

  16. capt. cockatiel on #

    *shudders* At my high school practically everyone wears ugg boots. It’s like a feild of hideous. >.<

  17. serafina zane on #

    seriously. there’re days when i’m possibly the only girl in a given class not wearing ugg boots. i sit defiantly in my vans skate sneakers and am sad because i am surrounded by jersey girls.
    *frowns in flannel shirt, skull pajamas, purple hair, black nail polish, and fawesomely fool skullcandy heaphones. cheers up because hey, fawesomely fool skullcandy headphones are blaring arctic monkeys. life is good*

    anyone else see the wierd uggs sandal-clog things? they seem even more pointless and not-wear-out-of-the-house-able than regular uggs. and yet, i see them all the time.

  18. Seeker on #

    Dear Justine,

    I have been reading your blog regularly but this is the next time I’m commenting on it. Reading your blog has been a ritual for me and I want to thank you for all the happiness you’ve given to me.

    At this time, I want to take the opportunity to give you my heartfelt wishes for Christmas and wish you a great New Year ahead.

    May all your dreams come true πŸ™‚

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  19. marrije on #

    i am not talking about ugg boots, they are not called that for nothing.

    but i do have some good news: i bought your great favourite ‘octavian nothing’ a while back and only now got round to reading it and my goodness, what an amazing book it is! not going to say anything more about it since you are right, i think, that the less you know about it before beginning the book the better. people, read this book if you haven’t already done so.

    so thank you (and gwenda b.) for recommending it. do you happen to know (through the almighty ya writers’ grapevine) whether part II is on its way?

  20. kim on #

    what are they?

    what do they look like?

  21. kim on #

    thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  22. Kaleb on #

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great 2008.

  23. Mahek on #

    I hate Ugg boots. they are ugly and not needed. I don’t go outside much in winter anyway. winter in england means wind and lots of rain. I prefer to stay inside and write and read.

    My cousing brought some ugg boots and i screamed at her for wearing crap around her feet!

  24. V on #

    All I have to say about Ugg boots is already in the name itself.

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