Minus One!

I dies.

I think I’m going to have to learn Fahrenheit cause 31 sounds lovely to me while -1 makes me want to cry.

I have not been outside today. Partly due to the dread evil deadlines and partly because it’s -1 out there! Bits of me could freeze and fall off!

How am I going to make it to the end of January?



  1. veejane on #

    O hai, I was just whingeing about this very thing! At least 31 F is warm enough for snow. Which, okay, as bright sides go, is like saying that the pan in which you’ll be fried at least has onions in it.

    The secret to going outside in this weather is (a) silk long underwear and (b) gigantic down coat that makes you look like the Michelin Man. Also a hat and scarf and mittens, maybe a balaclava, and if you are really lucky a live Arctic animal willing to lie still on your neck and offer you its body heat. Standing under the heat lamps attached to the awnings of swank hotels is also acceptable behavior.

  2. Justine on #

    I have all of that. I’m still not going outside. The cold—it burns!

  3. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    come to phoenix Arizona. in phoenix Arizona, it never gets cold enough to snow. in phoenix, you can wear t-shirts in December (Not every day, but some days).

    just don’t come to phoenix in the summer time. it’s bad for your health.


  4. veejane on #

    you have a live arctic animal?? Is it a bunny or a fox? I think you are not a large enough person to wear a whole moose around your neck.

    You don’t see me going outside today either, do you? It is a day for cleaning one’s house, and I say that advisedly, as a dedicated herder of the dust bunnies that inhabit my bedroom.

  5. Lizzy-wa on #

    hehe. Justine-la. if you hate the cold so much, why dont you spend the spring/summer half of the year in newyork instead of all winter? how warm is it over in Aussiland rite now anyways?

    i personally love the snow. we dont get THAT much over here where i live. (other side of the country) it just snowed today. i love it! i stood outside in shorts a teshirt and flipflops for forty five minutes!!! first it snowed lightly. then harder. then she started pelting me with hail. that hurt. then these gigantic snowflakes came down! so huge. and yummy. hehe. then it stopped and started raining. *sigh*. all visible snow is now gone.

    boy did i have to go to the bathroom when i got home! hehe. but i didnt get cold. im immuned to coldness. its pretty fawesome.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! :mrgreen:

  6. Dawn on #

    I love the cold! I’m sorry you’re suffering because of it, though!

  7. Justine on #

    Lizzy-wa: if you hate the cold so much, why dont you spend the spring/summer half of the year in newyork instead of all winter?

    I do. We normally spend summer in Sydney and then summer in NYC. This year is an anomaly. A horrible foul anomaly. Never again. Oh, how I hates northern hemisphere winter. It is wrong.

  8. serafina zane on #

    ha! you complain. thirty-one was about the high today here. i’m gonna guess, no actually i’m gonna go check, because i’m bored…26 degrees outside right now.
    have i ever mentioned that a large portion of my house (say, the whole bottom story) has no heat? and i am always cold due to extremely poor circulation that’s only advantage is freaking out people whose necks i sneak up on and touch?

    yes! embrace farenheit and our completely arbitrary and illogical numbers of incredible highness!

  9. jenn on #

    so, this has absolutely nothing to do with how cold it is today (and boy am i with you on that one), but i just want to thank you for mentioning the movie “ginger snaps” ages ago. because tonight i finally finally finally got around to watching it and it made the chilly night oh so much more bearable!

  10. Ted Lemon on #

    Oh, come on. It’s lovely out! We just walked from the N line down to the place we’re staying on Battery Place, and there are still many extremities that aren’t frozen.

    The trick is to dress in layers and walk really fast…


    P.S. Enjoy the ice pellets tomorrow! Perfect weather for a nice rollerblade in Central Park! (evil grin)

  11. Danica on #

    It’s been snowing all day where I live. My trick is to wear three pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves (as my feet and hands always get cold first).

    Or better yet, just stay inside, which you did today. Not me. I lurves the snow.

  12. calliope on #

    omg! snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love snow! i’m gonna go play in it. 🙂 happy.

    (justine: i’m sorry that it causes you so much pain tho)

    lizzy-wa: i like your way of thinking. i’m gonna go do that, except with a coat and boots on. i like all of my fingers + toes still attached.

  13. Justine on #

    Calliope: I’m dead pleased that other people love it. Have fun!

    I will admit as how it is pretty when I watch it from my toasty warm flat.

  14. Jessica on #

    It was 31 degrees celcius and let me tell you, it was far from lovely. 🙁

    Oh and there’s a fly plague here on the east coast of Oz apparently. Whatever. I’m not leaving the house.

  15. kim on #

    me wants its to snow. never snows in texas.

    well it did a year or two ago but still then is was less than 1ft.

    me wants your snow, justine!

  16. V on #

    I hate Fahrenheit! The only way I figure out whether 96 degrees Fahrenheit is a good or bad thing is to convert in my head to get a general idea of the Celsius temperature.

    Celsius to Fahrenheit: I double the temperature and then add 25 to get a general idea.
    Fahrenheit to Celsius: I half the temperature and then subtract 15.

    Ninety-six sounds good to me, but perhaps not to others. 😀

  17. pixelfish on #

    But at least when you get to -40 you’ll be all evened out.

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