A clean desk

Kenina-Chan wanted before and after photos of my desk but sadly it did not occur to me to take a before photo so instead I offer you some statistics:

Hours spent cleaning the desk1: 12

Weight of paper to be recycled: 5 kilos (11 pounds)

Weight of garbage: 0.9 kilos (2 pounds)

Number of dead things discovered: classified

Breaks taken during cleaning: lots2

Time spent working at desk since cleaning: 03

And here is a photo of the recycling and garbage removed from the desk during cleaning:


And here is the clean desk from two different angles as the sun sets4:



I may never work again.

  1. The largest amount of time was spent sorting (recyclable, rubbish, or to be filed) and filing the crap on the desk. []
  2. I lost count, okay? []
  3. I’m too afraid of messing it up again. []
  4. At barely five in the afternoon!!! []


  1. Kadie-Wa on #

    Wow…that’s alot of paper! i wonder how many pounds are on my desk.

    I like your desk. no i lied. I luv your desk. i think that those kinds are soooo sweet! i love those kinds. i think i’m going to save up for one like that. all i’m using now is a table that’s sides are folded down so it can be used as a desk. and i still call it a desk.

  2. jessiegirl on #

    do you have a worm hole or a sub space bubble surrounding your desk in order to pack more stuff onto such a small space? Seriously? 12 hours and 11 lbs or paper? from such a small space? you, my dear, may be the new packrat queen.

  3. kim on #

    how tall were the piles of paper? 4 feet?

  4. hillary! on #

    Seriously! and that truly is an awesome desk. I wish I could make one like it in metal shop. But that would be expensive.

  5. Kaleb Nation on #

    my desk is so messy right now, I might fall into it and be buried in envelopes and notebooks.

  6. Tim on #

    Woo-hoo! more power to you. I’ve been there, and i know how daunting it is to go back to that weirdly clean desk when you find it unfamiliar, disorienting, and off-putting in its neatness. A simple piece of advice, f.w.i.w.: don’t worry about keeping it *this* clean all the time, just try to interrupt your packrattitude earlier in the process on the next go-round. It’s not about perfection, only about doing it a little better each time.

  7. Justine on #

    People! You have so got the wrong idea. I am not a packrat. I shudder at the thought. I despise things. I collect nothing!

    I’m just lazy. The desk is where I dump things I need to get to at some point. But “some point” rarely rolls around. Dunno why . . .

  8. Marlena on #

    wow! that’s a pretty small desk to have so much paper/garbage/dead things on it! you should definately take a before picture next time you clean it!

    ahem. which is probably not what you want to think about, after being so productive and having it be all pretty and such…..

  9. Katerate on #

    Holy crap dude. That is too small of a desk to spend 12 hours cleaning.

  10. shloopy on #

    Wow. I’m deeply impressed. I could work on my desk for…. ummm… 22 hours? This morning, I found a spider living in my keyboard, and I type a lot every day, so it proves you are never safe from spiders. grr.

    By the way, Kenina-chan is going to wake up, and be so happy you mentioned her Justine! (Also, happy b-day kenina!)

  11. Kenina-chan on #

    Thankies!! Your desk is beautiful. Just the other day I took 37 post-its (without the stickiness) off my desk and organized them, wrote what it said on them in a notebook, and then recycled. Unfortunately, I still have nail polish, 3 notebooks- no wait- 5, stuffed animals, textbooks, eyeliner, colored pencils, candy, a nail file, about 20 hair ties, and normal stuff: (duct tape, scissors, paper, glue, jewelry, flyswatters, purses, a flashlight, rulers, a swiss army thingy….) Maybe I should clean my desk… Happy birthday Shloopy!!!

  12. Lizzy-wa on #

    hehe. but thats a pretty small desk. how did all that stuff fit on there?!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😮

  13. Corey on #

    Messy desk enthusiasts (like myself) find that over the years we become architectural engineers in stacking dynamics and the science of beverage-container-induced stressed to paper-and-CD-case support structures. I think a couple of mine would’ve had Frank Lloyd Wright himself lost in awe.

  14. Justine on #

    Shloopy & Kenina-Chan: Happy birthday!!!

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