Cecelia Goodnow is going down!

She says my man ain’t pretty:

At 44, Westerfeld isn’t just another pretty face. With his cropped, sandy hair, furrowed brow and somewhat lumpy nose, he’s not “pretty” at all, but he understands the calculus of beauty and fame that wields increasing power in young-adult lives.

His nose is not lumpy! I love that nose! He is too pretty!1

That Ms. Goodnow better not cross my path any time soon. Grrr!

If you skip that one evil and wrong paragraph it’s actually not a bad article. I spose.

  1. Okay, not “pretty” as in the pretties of his Uglies series because, you know, ewww! []


  1. Karen on #

    Woman is blind. He’s got that Steve McQueen thing going on.

  2. scott w on #

    that Steve McQueen thing

    hoverboard = motorcycle

    Plus, I frequently flee the Blob.

  3. Craig on #

    Scott ain’t ugly. He is ‘ruggedly handsome.’ And I’m not the only gay in the village that think so.

  4. maureen on #

    my claws are out!

  5. Eric Luper on #

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (right now). Well, actually I’m not saying it right now, I’m typing it…

    But I digress.

    Scott looks like the Corinthian from The Matrix. That is not a bad thing!

  6. Haddayr on #

    Oh, come on. Your husband is hawt, which is why the reporter felt comfortable saying he wasn’t. If he were truly unattractive, there is no way the writer would have gone there.

    (came over here from Chris Barzak’s journal, and I’m feeling curiously naked as my capitals are stripped.)

  7. Corey on #

    I’ve learned to live with that fact that ‘i’ am no longer a proper noun — you shall soon enough ^^

  8. Dawn on #

    What’s up with that?! Jeez.

  9. shausto-la on #

    aww..i love his ‘lumpy nose’ haha..
    and i adore that fawesome flash tattoo.

    totally happy-making. i wish i could go to the books of wonder thing, but sadly, ny is too far away to go to for a couple hors to see you guys..[*sighh*]

  10. Kadie-Wa on #

    he soooo doesn’t have a lumpy nose!!

    i’m with maureen!!

  11. Lisa on #

    Don’tcha love how someone writes what I assume is a polemic against the treatment of beauty in society and then society judges them by the very thing they are writing against? ah, society. ah, media. i love thee so. (p.s. WHEN did writers start needing the be beautiful…?)

  12. Courtney-chan on #

    how rude!
    ditto on what maureen said!

  13. Rachel Brown on #

    Scott is very handsome and so is his nose. i think that reporter was just jealous of you.

  14. Kadie-Wa on #

    totally jealous!!

    (i’m agreeing with rachel)

  15. Cynthia S on #

    I saw no lumpy nose when I met him at anderson’s. That is uncalled for.

  16. Rebecca on #

    i had to reread that about 50 times before i actually believed that i was reading it right. grrrrr.

  17. Elodie on #

    Heyy, so this is completely unrelated to the post (I have never seen scott, so I can make no opinion of my own regarding his nose 😉 However, I can mention that I hadn’t realized your husband was the author of this awesome series–me and my sister loove them, and I’m very pleased to hear there’s one more coming :D)
    aaanyways, the reason I was posting:
    I moved to France from Hawaii 2 months ago, and there are lots of great libraries and great authors here but I reaaally miss all my english YA books 🙁 Yeah, I could go hunt out translations, but… it’s never the same. And as much as I love my authors and want to support them, I’m not quite up for paying shipping on books from amazon and such. Especially when you consider that I normally read a YA book in a single evening. Sooo I thought I could hunt out ebooks–but I can’t find sites that sell lots of good YA e-books! I was wondering if you would know any good places to find them 😀
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. hillary! on #

    WHOA! That is so wrong! I had secret crush on Scott for a while. I think Scott is totally handsome! My claws are ou too.

  19. Jessica on #

    What the wha?

    OK, i understand he wrote books about Pretties and Uglies and all but that’s kind of rude! Imagine if it had’ve been written about a female author? Gasp.

    So the man’s no Chace Crawford (but who is?) … still. Lumpy nose? What the?

    So. Wrong.

  20. Kaleb Nation on #

    He’s an author for crying out loud, not a movie star, and he isn’t even in the slightest deformed or sporting some freakish oddity [unless of course, he’s coyly hiding it in the other half of his author photo like the Phantom of the Opera 😉 ]

    And he’s at the top of the NY Times, so what else do they want? 🙂

  21. libba on #

    scott is so pretty.
    he’s as pretty as my little pony only not as pink. but just as pretty. such a pretty, pretty pony.
    remind me to tell you about the time a woman at a conference said to me, “Well, you’re no Catherine zeta-jones, but I don’t mind looking at you.”
    yeah, thanks for that.

  22. Justine on #

    Libba: Please! You’re much hotter than Zeta-Jones! You know, I think that woman was flirting with you . . .

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