Maureen’s editing skills

Maureen put together a vid of hers and Scott’s DragonCon footage:

It is fabulous in all ways!

Well, except for one way: Maureen promised me that she would edit me out. She did not. I am unhappy to realise that her promises are WORTH NOTHING.

Other than that everything is good. Watch, enjoy! DragonCon and DragonTrain were teh awesome. When I’m less knackered I’ll tell youse all about it. Especially our dramatic readings from the worst book ever written.


  1. Rebecca on #

    hee!! awesome. and theo black has a drd too. i am sooooo jealous. the pacman made me laugh. well, the whole video made me laugh actually, but the pacman was pretty hilarious. so was theo’s little accident with the sword. 😀

  2. hillary! on #

    I know that was so FOOL! He looks all expert then he loses it, which I am surprised you people let MJ hold a sword in the first place. My favorite part thoughis when Justine just sidles out of the video and acts as if she isn’t even there and that little mishap never even happened. HAHAHA!

  3. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    That was just about the most wonderful video ever. It made my day! And that’s saying something, because I had a dentist visit this morning and really didn’t think there was anything that could bring me back. Thanks for returning my happy!


  4. Cat Sparks on #

    Love that movie! made me feel like I was there. Fave costumes were Pacman, the alien and the gremlin dude at the end

  5. Justine on #

    Rebecca: Didn’t he look cool before the little slip? Theo is made of awesome.

    Scott was full of joy at spotting the pacman.

    Hillary!: Maureen is in big trouble for not editing that out. Very large trouble indeed.

    Mary Elizabeth S.: Every vid Maureen does is better than the last. We need to band together to get her a better camera and better editing software and make her do this full time.

    Well, not, full time—cause I want more Maureen books—but at least once a month.

    Cat: DragonCon was insane. We didn’t even get shots of the best costumes. I’ve never seen such amazing costumes in my life. Insane!

  6. Darice Moore on #

    Looks like you had fun (even while dodging the camera!).

    I’m amazed — the video had none of the scantily clad women costumes I saw when I went to D*Con (lo these many years ago…)! Either they were in hiding, or Maureen’s editing powers are truly mighty. *grin*

  7. Justine on #

    Darice: Didn’t you notice the Princess Leia in the vid?

    There were plenty of scantily clad men and women, but when you’ve got that little on it’s not much of a costume is it? We were all about taking photos of the best costumes.

  8. sally-wa on #

    ha!!! 🙂

  9. marrije on #

    I think I want to marry Maureen Johnson.

  10. kim on #

    so much for what happens on the dragontrain stays on the dragontrain.

    right justine?

  11. letitia on #

    why is pennsylvania hell, mr. black? (*warning: the only acceptable answer is “because i lived there and, as a native pennsylvanian, i have the right to say so”).

    otherwise, it’s sword twirling to the death!

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