The Tour

Marrije asked over on insideadog if I’ll be following the Tour de France this year. Sadly, I will not.

This year has gotten out of control. I cannot afford to spend hours every day watching the Tour and following it online. I am incapable of following the Tour non-obsessively. So for the first time in years I’m not following it at all. (No spousal pressure was brought to bear in the making of this decision. Well, okay, just a little bit. I am not husband-beaten! I am not!)


The New York Liberty (10-8) will have to sustain my sport-following needs this northern summer.

And now I go back to the myriad tasks that confront me. At this point it’s so bad I’m resorting to triage. “Which of these tasks will most blow up in my face if I don’t do it?”

But, you know, Vive Le Tour!


  1. Dawn on #

    I’ve never been one to follow the tour…probably for the same reason I don’t watch baseball (on TV) or golf. It seems extremely boring to watch. Hm.

    The blog overlord does not tolerate blasphemy!

  2. jenny davidson on #

    i was wondering about this also, sounds like a sensible but painful decision! you must block out the time for next year so that you can afford the couple weeks off! i recommend tim krabbe’s book “the rider” if you are having cycling withdrawal…

  3. David Moles on #

    Does Rowe know about this yet?

  4. Gabrielle on #

    I don’t watch sports on TV. Please, blog overlord, don’t censor me! (Mwahaha, I’m being sneaky)
    However, I just picked up watching the election news at the last Québec elections last march. Or was it April? Whatever.
    So, my point is, perhaps I’ll pick up sports watching eventually. Dunno.

  5. Gabrielle on #

    Oh, I just remembered this. A couple of weeks ago, my mom bought a little plastic cricket game for my brother and sister. Cool, huh? Sadly, the sticks (excuse my lack of knowledge of the actual word) were too small for me to use them without bending in half, and my siblings haven’t really used it. Like so much crap my mom buys them.

  6. Gwenda on #

    I can’t believe you missed Robbie’s amazing win!

  7. Gwenda on #

    p.s. I’m not following it neither.

  8. Dess on #

    I don’t follow sports. they make me feel sad because im too uncoordinated to play anything. in you genetic gifts post someone suggested lawn darts for me, but alas it is banned in the staes. *tear*

  9. Dess on #

    *your not you. i also can’t spell on top of not being able to play sports.

  10. Dawn on #

    Deepest apologies to the blog overlord! What do I have to sacrifice to make it up to you??


  11. Ally on #

    I watched it last yeat in Flordia. My uncle that lives there does marathons and tryatholans(sp) so he likes to watch it.

  12. margo on #

    I’m following it—it’s easy over here because you can, like, get up and watch the 7.20 a.m. update, work all day and refresh your memory with the 6 p.m. highlights, then stay up until 1.30 a.m. watching each stage live? I think the resulting surreal blur around everything will have interesting flow-on effects for my novel. 🙂

  13. Rebecca on #

    rar. i saw the title and i immediately thought it was about your october tour. 😛

  14. elizabeth on #

    You’re not watching? You missed Robbie’s win in Stage 1??? I admire your willpower. I don’t think I could give up watching the tour.

  15. marrije on #

    jenny d., i now officially love you more than ever: you read a book by my compatriot tim krabbe! one i sadly haven’t read myself, ahem.

    and admirable fortitude, justine! bravo! sorry to hear that your life is currently so blow-uppy, I can certainly sympathise. in fact, i haven’t watched a lot of tour myself yet, I must admit that i don’t currently even know who is wearing the yellow… *looks at newspaper and finds out*

  16. Gabrielle on #

    Rebecca: I thought it was going to be about the fall tour too!

  17. shelly rae on #

    Now that I’m living in the land of lance (aka. Austin, TX) not only am I watching the tour I’m out riding my bike and discussing geeky bike race details with other riders. You’re missing a great race. Go levi!

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