Insideadog on the fourth of July

Later this week me and Scott will start blogging together at insideadog. That’s right you’ll get a twofer—we will both be the writer in residence for the month of July. Though in Australia July starts on Friday the Sixth which in America is Thursday the Fifth. Got that? Not to worry, I’ll post here to let you know when we’ve started posting there.

Insideadog is the premier youth literature site in Australia—possibly the world! Past writers in residence have been such illuminati as Randa Abdel-Fattah, D. M. Cornish, Nick Earls, Simmone Howell, Margo Lanagan, Melina Marchetta, Garth Nix and Marcus Zusak. Not bad, eh? Pretty stellar company to keep. Do come over and say hi.

In other news it’s the fourth of July here in the US of A, which is their independence day. The celebration of telling the Poms to bugger off! (If only we Australians had done the same!)

Happy fourth of July, everyone! Be safe with the fireworks. Don’t drink too much. And eat only enough to make you happy.


  1. Ally on #


    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Rebecca on #

    it is raining buckets and there’s a mountain lion loose in the park. this will be an interesting fourth of july.

  3. Cheryl on #

    Correct me if I’m wrong, m’dear, but I thought you Aussies made a habit of telling Poms to bugger off as often as possible, most commonly when facing them on cricket and rugby fields. Our American friends, on the other hand, went and invented their own games and refuse to play anyone else so they can’t beat us. Jolly unsporting if you ask me. What are colonies for if they can’t beat you at sport?

    Hah! I know what we’ll do. We’ll send them Posh and Becks. That will teach them!

  4. Ally on #

    so many wierd words!

  5. Dawn on #

    If only fireworks weren’t illegal in my hometown. It’s very sad…but it kind of makes them more fun because you’re breaking the law. hehe.

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