Today’s interviews

It’s a heady batch today. Don’t miss Ysabeau Wilce over at Gwenda’s. Or Cecil at A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy. And then there’s Bennett Madison and Holly Black. Not to mention another one with me. This time at HipWriterMama. Oh hell, you should read them all!

Congratulations, Colleen, for organising the best blog tour ever. The interviews were wonderful and inspiring. I feel all giddy from keeping up with it all week. There were a few blogs in there I’d never read before. I’ll be keeping up with them from now on. Thank you, Colleen!


  1. Dawn on #

    YAY! Another from you! and from Holly…:-D:-D:-D

  2. Dawn on #

    Those were supposed to be actual smilies…it makes me sad that they didn’t work. 🙁

  3. Dawn on #

    Look at me just flooding your comment space with my randomness. I didn’t really know that writing a triology could be so hard! I mean…I kinda did know, I read Libba’s Livejournal along with so many other people’s blogs and I can see the trouble she’s been having with her latest book. Still, I think writing a triology would be pretty cool. Maybe a series would be better, though.

  4. Rebecca on #

    kickass. and i’m starting to think you’re right about trilogies. i got tired of trying to fix the one i wrote (long time ago) so i’m just combining them all into one book…. although i’m not sure that’s much better.

  5. Rebecca on #

    p.s. I’m enjoying reading all these old blog entries that got linked. the blogosphere really is endless. I’ve been on yours, scalzi’s, and diana’s reading all this old stuff. hehe.

  6. Colleen on #

    I’m so glad you were able to participate Justine and I hope we brought you some new fans.

    We will be back with this November with the Winter Blog Blast Tour and also in late August with Recommendations Under the Radar (otherwise known as “Radar Books”). That’s where we tell the world about books we think more folks should know about.

    Basically it’s all an opportunity for a bunch of us to go crazy over books and authors we love…can you imagine a better way to spend your spare time?!

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