My first interview for Colleen Mondor’s summer blog tour went up this morning. Twas conducted by the lovely Liz B of A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy.

Bored with reading about me? (Elvis knows, I am!) Then check out all these other interviews with folks like Gene Yang who won the Printz for American Born Chinese.

This whole week will be awash with interviewy goodness.

PS This is the post I was trying to put up when everything went down (again) this morning. It’s post number? 666.


  1. Rebecca on #

    eep. that’s ominous. but i liked your interview today.

  2. Dawn on #

    creepy!! I was very sad that your site was down…I tried multiple times.

  3. Justine on #

    Rebecca: Thanks!

    Dawn: Not as sad as me. Oh, hang on, I wasn’t sad, I was BOILING WITH RAGE.

  4. Rebecca on #

    *cowers behind laptop* 😉 i promise not to send you anymore email. for a while.

  5. Justine on #

    You can come out from behind your laptop, my rage is all directed at my ISP, not at innocent bystanders such as yourself.

  6. Rebecca on #

    i know. 😛 i was more cowering behind my laptop b/c i was being simultaneously assaulted by a supersoaker and a kitten…. they’re quite viscous, you know.

  7. malcolm on #

    Can somebody use simple words and short sentences (sock puppets optional) to explain to me what this summer blog tour thing is? I’m very confused. You get interviewed multiple times in one week and other people are being interviewed, too, got that bit. So it’s a big circle of interviewers and interviewees? I think my brain is leaking out my ears.

  8. Colleen on #

    I can explain Malcolm!

    The goal here was to use the internet to expose new readers to a group of authors they might not be familiar with. I got 15 sites and 25 authors to sign on and the key is that we are linking to all the interviews taking place each day. Yes, some authors did agree to multiple interviews (3 at most), but this allowed different bloggers to ask different questions and for readers thus to get different answers.

    What I was hoping for was to extend the reach of the blogosphere and force some readers out of their ruts. For example, I was not aware of Sonya Hartnett’s work until I read her interview at 7 Imps today – likewise I’ve heard from several people who did not realize that David Brin had a YA SF novella coming out until they read his interview at my site.

    By the end of the week there will have been 55 interviews at 16 sites and a lot of readers (and librarians and booksellers) will have found out about a lot of writers (and thus books) they didn’t know much about.

    Hopefully that will translate into going to libraries and/or buying books. We’re trying to be proactive about authors whose work we enjoy (thus explaining Justine’s inclusion!), and expand their readership.

    Hope that explains it all! You can also hit my site, Chasing Ray and read more about all this.

  9. Malcolm on #

    colleen: thankyou for the explanation ma’am and congratulations on the initiative.

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