Quick Note

A bunch of youse have been asking why I’m suddenly using capital letters for some of my posts. Blame, Scott.1 He claims that he can’t cope with no caps on long posts. He whinged and pouted and generally carried on until he prevailed.

So there you have it: For longer posts I’m bringing back the caps, unless, of course, I don’t actually want any of the crumblies to read that particular post . . .

  1. Oh, okay, and some other aged friends who also whinged mighty loud []


  1. Ellen on #

    I am not exactly aged and I might have complained… but the caps show up in my feed reader! Perhaps you might suggest that other complainers use one to read your posts? (As well as, you know, in general.)

  2. Justine on #

    Alas, they are too aged and decrepit to even figure out how to use a feed reader. Do not mock them! They need our compassion not our scorn.

  3. Dawn on #

    I was somewhat bothered at first. Oh well, you get over it. Unless you’re as old as they are, I guess.

  4. katerate on #

    Just a question– why’d you eliminate caps to begin with? Do you like it, it’s to prevent people ‘yelling’ or what?

  5. Justine on #

    Katerate: It came with this template and I liked it. Plus it was kind of delicious how much it annoyed certain other people. I am bad. Also I’ve always adore archy & mehitabel, not to mention e. e. cummings. Lots of reason, I guess.

    Quite a stir you caused with your zombie Zane. Well done!

  6. benpeek on #

    no, don’t go over to the dark side. they are ignoring our rights!

    (i get this all the time. i switched to capitals on the blog just because it looked more professional, but in comments and email, nah. old folk bitch all the time.)

  7. Justine on #

    You calling me unprofessional, Ben? Hmmm . . .

  8. Ally on #


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