Norton shortlist

The Norton shortlist is now final:

    Devilish—Maureen Johnson (Penguin Razorbill)
    Magic or Madness—Justine Larbalestier (Penguin Razorbill)
    Life As We Knew It—Susan Beth Pfeffer (Harcourt)
    Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness—Scott Westerfeld (Harper Eos)
    Peeps—Scott Westerfeld (Penguin Razorbill)
    The King of Attolia—Megan Whalen Turner (Greenwillow Books HarperCollins)

All the books on the list are wonderful1 (except mine obviously). I’m so honoured to be in such incredible company. Wow.

Yet despite the glories of Maureen’s catholic school girls demon fighters and Scott’s reimainged vampires and magic twenty-fifth hour, if I were to vote right now2 I would vote for King of Attolia.

I’ve mentioned before how much Megan Whalen Turner’s trilogy means to me. It’s stunning. Beautifully written and it pushes all my buttons (in a good way). It would be awesome if she won the Norton because it would be not just for this book, but for the whole trilogy. She’s one of my favourite living writers and deserves every honour going.

Hey, I just noticed there’s three Razorbill books on that list! How bout that? Eloise Flood created one hell of a list.

  1. The only one I haven’t yet read is the Pfeffer which I’ve heard from people I trust is amazing. I can’t wait to get my mitts on it. []
  2. And if I were a member of SFWA. []


  1. jennifer, aka literaticat on #

    that list is fantastic!

    I’ve not read the turner or devilish. so I would be torn four ways.

  2. holly on #

    Wow, that is a helluva list.

  3. jessiegirl on #

    good luck!

  4. Hannah on #

    *The only one I haven’t yet read is the Pfeffer which I’ve heard from people I trust is amazing. I can’t wait to get my mitts on it.

    Oh, yes. Do. It’s a wonderful, wonderful book.

  5. Hannah on #

    Er. And congrats! Sorry; my fangirliness got away from me there.

  6. Maggie on #

    Wow! That’s a *really* impressive list to be on! Congrats and Good Luck!!!! 😀

  7. Rebecca on #

    hurray!! that’s awesome. 😀

  8. shelly rae on #

    Congrats Justine! And in such excellent company too. That’s a great list to be on. Yay!

  9. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone! For those of you who haven’t read some of these books then you really really really ought to. Like i said I’ll be reading the Pfeffer as soon as I get a copy.

  10. Gwenda on #

    I’ve just been reading the Turner books for the first time. It’s amazing that they’re all SO good, but also that she just keeps getting better with each.

  11. SarahP on #

    As a reader, I’ve loved all of MWT’s books; as a writer I’ve learned so much from her books.

    Gwenda, I envy you reading them for the first time!

    Justine, congratulations!

  12. Dawn on #

    I agree, the list has got some AMAZING pieces! I noted on Holly Black’s blog that I don’t think that I could pick one! Good thing I’m not on the committee.

  13. Dawn on #

    **not Holly’s, Maureen’s. Jeez. I visit too many author’s websites.

  14. Rebecca on #

    i am writing a werewolf into my current story, just for you. 😀

  15. Penni on #

    Congrats to you and your feller!

  16. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone!

    Rebecca: I’m touched! Make sure it kills any vampires that are in the story.

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