Humble Houston,* here we come

This Saturday me and Scott and some other illustrious young adult literature types will be talking about our books and life (and the superiority of zombies over unicorns) and anything else you care to ask us about at a teen literary festival in Humble, Texas:

Saturday, 24 February, 2007
Humble ISD Libraries’
Teen Lit Festival 07
Guests are: Chris Crutcher, Gail Giles,
Justine Larbalestier, Benjamin Alíre Sáenz,
Scott Westerfeld and Chris Yambar
Atascocita High School Campus
Humble, Texas

The event is open to the public so if you’re anywhere in the vicinity do come and say hi. Even if you’re not into mine or Scott’s books, it’ll be totally worth it just to hear Chris Crutcher‘s keynote address. He’s an incredible, awe-inspiring speaker. I heard him last year and he made me cry. (In a good way.)

Instructions for getting there can be found here.

I’m really looking forward to it for several reasons such as Scott’s uncle is a headmaster principal there and this means we get to hang out with him and his lovely family, also I may get to meet Chris Crutcher (I hope I don’t make a fool of myself!), I’ve never been to Houston, I’m looking forward to meeting certain fans I hear are coming all the way from Austin, and because it’s warm down there. Proper, over-20C warmth. I’m so happy just thinking about it!

*And I don’t mean the street just south of me here in NYC.))


  1. John D. on #

    Well this is a nice surprise! Since you and Scott are coming so close to my neck of the woods, I’ll have to definitely try to make this one.

  2. Chris S. on #

    Ooh! Chris Crutcher! I have author-envy.

  3. Rebecca on #

    oooohh, i can’t wait to hear you talk about unicorns in person. haha!! me excited! 😀 😀

  4. Heather Harper on #

    Oh! I wish I could go. I live in North Texas, but the sickies are making the rounds in our families. Poo.

  5. Justine on #

    John D: See you there!

    Chris S.: I am so very lucky.

    Rebecca: If you ask I will talk about it. See you in Houston!

    Heather Harper: We’ll be in San Antonio in mid April. Also Austin. (I’m not sure if those are north or not. My Texas geography is fuzzy.)

  6. Veronica on #

    OK, but what about zombie unicorns? That is a novel waiting to be written. I give the idea to you, if you want it!

  7. maureen on #

    please give chris crutcher the love.

  8. Justine on #

    Veronica: You are so way way way behind. in the last few days at every one of the many zombie v unicorn threads at least one person has proposed the zombie unicorn.

    Maureen: I’ll try, but I’ll prolly make such a fool of myself when I meet him that he will run far far away.

  9. Rebecca on #

    austin is central, san antonio is south central. and yay austin!! austin rocks. you’ve never been before, i’m guessing? you must visit bookpeople, the coolest bookstore on the planet. just ignore the avenging unicorns….

  10. Veronica on #

    “the many zombie v. unicorn threads”?

    Huh. Didn’t know.

  11. Peter D. Tillman on #

    Humble, Texas!

    “The city got its name from… a successful wildcatter originally from England named Pleasant Smith “Plez” Humble…

    Scott may know all this stuff — isn’t he from Texas?

    Anyway, have fun–

    Cheers — Pete Tillman

    “A recent survey of 2,000 male graduates of Harvard Business School found that penis length & IQ were equally good predictors of annual income.” — Greg Egan, in “Eugene”

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