Requests (updated)

A few folks have written me demanding that I write posts solely for their amusment on topics of their choosing. I figured if I was going to succumb to their whingeing I might as well throw the blog open to requests.

So if there’s anything your little heart has been pining for me to write or explain or lie about speak1 now.

Update: I’m crossing them off as I do ’em.

  1. Or you know type now. I suspect that will be more effective. []


  1. little willow on #

    What are your favourite fruits?
    What inspires you to write?
    Have you heard the song Reasons Why by Nickel Creek? (You should.)

  2. PT Sefton on #

    Well, having been nearly outed I confess that I wrote and asked (ok, demanded) a post on jetlag. I think that’s what Magic or Madness is about, and I thought Justine would know the cure (she does, apparently it’s money).

  3. Roger on #

    Your favourite cricketers, m’dear, and why. Whence the Keith Miller obsession?

  4. jenny d on #

    i like the writing-related posts of course…

    other possibilities:

    1. the fiction of ellen kushner
    2. some of your more unfortunate past fashion choices–with pictures!

    3. more about the great aussie elvis etc. etc. novel (a paragraph or two excerpt, or–once things are sorted out enough that you can tell us–a chronicle of its fortunes in the world?)
    4. scathing posts about novels you don’t like in which we have to guess what they are and you annoyingly and mysteriously refrain from telling us

  5. Chris McLaren on #

    Convention horror stories and other juicy gossip.

  6. Rebecca on #

    book signing etiquette. ex. 1: is it a bad idea to bring every book the author has ever written, even if they’ve written, like, 20? is it okay for book signees to start conversations with the author, or will that be considered rude for holding up the line?

    and i’m sure i’ll think of more.

  7. Rebecca on #

    ooooh, and a day-in-the-life thing, kinda like maureen johnson had up the other day. 😀 😀

  8. Ariel (grownup fan) on #

    Justine, I would like to hear more about your early childhood experiences in the Australian bush.

  9. katerate on #

    Oooh, that’s a good one Ariel. I would like to hear more about that as well.

  10. Simon Sherlock on #

    I’d like to see you write about why the England cricket team is far, far better than the Australian one (even though they choose not to show it)

  11. marrije on #

    Everything that jenny d. wanted to hear about. plus the pluses and minuses of living in several places (i.e. ny and sydney) and how you do that logistically.

  12. a lurker on #

    —your thoughts on harry potter. and jkrowling. just curious.

    —what if (hypothetically of course) one is an adolescent writer, who writes sporadically – poems, first pages, occasionally a whole short story! – but never finishes? should i (or one…or..never mind) push myself to finish a novel if i hope to be a writer someday, even if the process starts to feel stressful and rushed? and any tips to how to reach “the end?” or should i take my time and “enjoy the ride”? i’ve never been able to stick with a story more than a couple months MAX on my own. i’ve tried several times to write a nano-novel or similar timed bits but always give it up as more hopeless than usual. i love starting to write novels…just never finish them. thoughts? sorry this is so long. it’s great that you’re doing requests, so absolutely no problem to skip this one – i’ll be happy to read anything!

    also, love love love your books & eagerly awaiting the great aussie elvis mangosteen cricket fairy ya novel!

  13. Robyn Hook on #

    I’d like to hear about your jeans shopping expedition with Ron!

  14. orangedragonfly on #

    +when you are in sydney, what do you miss most about new york?

    +and (of course) when you are in new york, what do you miss most about sydney?

    +if you could sit down and have lunch with any person who ever lived, who would you choose and why? (this is a standard question for me. i ask everyone. i love to hear the responses.) 🙂

  15. Ez on #

    How did you celebrate Australia Day 2007?

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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