Sometimes only Resident Evil 2 will do

Sometimes I’ve been writing too much, my brain is broken, and all i can do is crash in front of the box and try not to dribble. Times like those I need Resident Evil 2 because only zombies, motorbikes and Mila will unbreak my brain. Mmmm, zombies.

What are your favourite brain unbreakers? And why?


  1. Kellie Hazell on #

    It all depends on how badly broken my brain is. If it’s completely fried, then I turn to my SG-1 and Firefly boxed sets. If it’s just bad enough that I can’t think but not bad enough to render me a drooling couch potato, then I turn to any Ratchet & Clank game. There’s just something about that Black Sheepinator…

  2. veejane on #

    1. knitting.

    2. Discovery Channel/History Channel “Amazing Secrets of Real People Who Died Horribly” television.

    3. Baking bread.

  3. Chris McLaren on #

    John D. MacDonald novels.

    The old Fawcett paperbacks with the pulpy covers.

  4. Rebecca on #

    serenity or pretty much anything that only involves me having to lie on the bed staring dumbly at a screen. the mummy remake and the mummy returns are also very good for that frame of mind. if my brain is only a little mushy, sometimes i’ll read a book.

  5. grant on #

    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! every time i see the circus in the streets, it just brings me back to being a kid, and how the world could become mysterious at any moment

  6. A.R.Yngve on #

    I play RESIDENT EVIL 4 (much scarier than the predecessors, and much less of those pesky find-the-only-cigarette-lighter-in-town puzzles)…

    …or watch MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 (Warning: addictive!).

  7. Kathryne on #

    Right at the moment I’m listening to Ani DiFranco and typing up critique notes for my writing group.

    If I don’t have anything to critique, I read cookbooks and plan elaborate meals (some of which I even cook, if things have gotten really bad).

  8. Leona on #

    I find solitary walks with the dog the most relaxing and inspiring thing imaginable, especially if there is unusual(though anything can strike me as totally so) scenerey to enjoy. Usually come home with lots of new detailed ideas.

  9. Veronica on #

    Terry Pratchett books. Also, Elizabeth Peters books. Also, when nothing else will do, Aliens. And the queen of them all: taking care of small children/babies.

  10. Anna on #

    Shrek 2, definitely. Very brainless and kind of funny.

  11. Seth Christenfeld on #

    tea and paul simon’s graceland on infinite repeat.

  12. shelly rae on #

    Single malt scotch in a hot bathtub with lots of Burt’s Bees Apricot baby oil, a pile of Bungalow magazines and some biscuits (by which I mean shortbread cookies). Decadent vegging.

  13. Katerate on #

    Video games (I love me some Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tekken, and ICO), reading books or the newspaper (if this isn’t obvious), tea, running with my dog and listening to jazzzz. I fall asleep to jazz all the time… Not saying that’s it’s boring, but it’s good sleeping music– you wake up really refreshed.

    I would say art as well, but at this point it’s only stressing me out. Doodles are good though.

  14. Gary Nolan on #

    If I am having trouble with a character, I sometimes grab him or her (or it) by the scruff of the neck and take them shopping or to the pub.

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