Lovely news

A couple of weeks ago Mr Andrew Wheeler of the Science Fiction Book Club mentioned that he had read Magic’s Child:

    The third book in the trilogy that started with Magic or Madness; this doesn’t publish until March, so I won’t talk about the plot.

    But it does end well, and it finishes up the trilogy nicely, and all three books take place in less than a week, so they should make a great 3-in-1. Now, if only there were someone who could do such a thing . . .

At the time I thought that might possibly be a hint. I certainly hoped so because I love the idea of an omnibus (don’t you adore the word “omnibus”) edition of the Magic or Madness trilogy. How stellar would that be?

Turns out that it was a hint and it really is happening. So next March at the same time Magic’s Child is published the Science Fiction Book Club will be releasing their 3-in-1 edition titled The Magic of Reason. It will be 200,000 words long. Mighty substantial, eh? I wonder what cover art they’ll use?

When I was a kid I loved 3-in-1 collections. I loved all sorts of omnibuses. The magic of one book actually being many books blew my little mind. I still love them. They’re particularly handy when travelling. I first read Eva Ibbotson in an omnibus, which makes her even more special to me than she otherwise would be.

And at last there will be people who read about Reason but aren’t mad at me for keeping them waiting to find out what happens. That’ll be nice!

Tis my very first book club sale and my very first ominbus. Happy day!


  1. jaida jones on #

    Oh Justine that is so awesome! I am deeply jealous. I love those 3-in-1 collections, as they always made me *much* less nervous I’ll run out of book to read in transit. Congrats!

  2. chance on #

    Yowza! That’s awesome. I love a good omnibus.

    much congratulations.

  3. Chris McLaren on #


    While the obsessive collector in me prefers to own the first editions (when they are hardcover), there are so many advantages to omnibus editions…

    The best thing about the omnibus for series works is the idea of getting the whole story in one place, of course.

    And I have some sentimental omnibus memories as well, including my introduction to John D. MacDonald in omnibus form while I wandered around Europe in my teens.

  4. Tansy RR on #

    The Magic of reason is an excellent title! 🙂

  5. Justine on #

    Thanks, all! The nicest thing about it is how completely unexpected it was. Didn’t cross my mind this was even a possiblity.

    Tansy: At last a title that meets with your approval! 🙂

  6. Little Willow on #

    Madam, shall I thank you or your publicist profusely for the present I received in the mail today?

    (I squealed. I have witnesses: my co-worker and her family.)

  7. Justine on #

    Thank me!

  8. robin on #

    ooh la la, congratulations!!

  9. lili on #

    !! that is the most exciting piece of news i have heard today.

    colour me !!

  10. cecil on #

    oh wow! Congratulations! That is so amazing, Justine! I loved Omnibuses as a kid, too! And you now will have one! Terrific! Wunderbar! Mazel Tov!


  11. Penni on #

    Oh how funny, I was just talking to your Australian editor Christine (at a family Xmas do, she’s Martin’s cousin) today about a) magic’s child and b) how much I hope Undine will end up as an omnibus.

    Congratulations, fabulous news. I want one! Be March now.

  12. Rebecca on #

    oooooh, cool. me want.

  13. simmone on #

    oh congratulations – you’re gonna have a big fat book!!!bewdiful!

  14. marrije on #

    that is indeed lovely news, congratulations! also book club = many many new readers, which is excellent.

    also i am happy that andrew wheeler says the trilogy ends happily…

  15. Lawrence on #

    Mazel tov x 3 (in 1)!

  16. Maggie on #

    That’s wonderful, Justine! Congratulations!!! 😀

  17. jenny d on #

    v. exciting, many congratulations!

    i too love omnibuses (omnibi…actually really it would probably be omnibus with a long u…) (also i love boxed sets). a particular favorite one from childhood: patricia mckillip’s riddlemaster of hed trilogy…

  18. Little Willow on #

    Check your email. 🙂

  19. Chris S. on #

    You had an Eva Ibbotson omnibus? Wow… I’m so envious I can hardly type. If you tell me it was of her adult work, I’m going to have to go away and cry. Then I’ll finish with a hex on the fool who made off with my copy of ‘Countess Below Stairs’, and feel marginally better.

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