Secret Society Girl

I haven’t been reading much lately (on account of Magic’s Child eating my brain), but I had a quick squiz at my friend Diana Peterfreund‘s very first novel, Secret Society Girl, and before I knew it I’d read the whole thing. Oops! (And lost hours of valuable writing time! Curse you, Diana!)

SSG hits the stores today. It’s a read-in-one-gulp hoot. Perfect for summer. Enjoy!

Here’s the debut novelist and her new baby. Aren’t they adorable?


  1. dkanon on #

    She’s pretty! I’ll go by her book.

  2. Belinda on #

    just have a quick question…i just finished reading “magic or madness” and was wondering have you and your husband ever written a book together? if not have either of you ever considered it. i’ve read some of his, and am now looking for book 2 of you’re trilogy, i love your writing as well as his, and think it would be really interesting to see it put together.

  3. Diana on #

    Friends should not let friends post mad blog pictures of themselves. Note the eyes going in two different directions?

  4. Justine on #

    Dkanon: Because it’s well known that the prettier a writer is the better their writing. Take Dylan Thomas for example.

    Belinda: Sorry for being so slow, but I’ve now added your question and my response to my FAQ. It was about time—it certainly is becoming a very frequently asked question. 🙂

    Diana: I adore that photo of you! You don’t look even a tiny bit mad. What you look is justifiably proud of your fabulous novel!

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