All About Me (Bugger Eve!)

There’s a fun profile I did up on Norm Geras’s blog (a blog I discovered via Rjurik. Thank you, Rjurik!). I went to read Norm’s words of wisdom on cricket and stayed cause it’s most excellent.

I’ve already been asked what I mean by giving the answer “passion” to the question of what’s a person’s worst fault as well as their best quality. I’m with W. B. Yeats on “passionate intensity”: every day someone somewhere is killed because of someone else’s passion. On the other hand every day someone somewhere is creating something beautiful because of that passion.

Marrije enjoys Magic Lessons and has many many questions for the final book in the trilogy, which although smart and interesting frankly filled this writer’s heart with dread. How am I going to please all the people waiting for Magic! Magic! Magic! Oi! Oi! Oi!? I’ve already seen the anguish that a not completely happy ending to a trilogy can bring. Aaarggh! No more trilogies for me!

Okay, better get back to rewriting the ending so that the heavens open and fairy dust is sprinkled over the land and everyone’s magic becomes happy fairy magic and all the badness melts away and everyone is happy forever and ever and ever. That, or have them all die on the bus.


  1. Dana on #

    i just want reson and tom to hook up!! 😉

  2. niki on #

    nar kill em all on the bus …:x

  3. Natalie on #

    Can you give any ideas about the third book?

  4. Little Willow on #

    The ending of Peter Pan upsets me every time because he is SO COLD about Tink!

  5. Justine on #

    If I knew what was happening in the third book I’d tell you. (Maybe.) But they do not die on a bus!

    Little Willow: The ending of Peter Pan upsets you? I’m doomed!

  6. Little Willow on #

    I was told there was an insult. I see no insult!

    I’m watching a midnight rerun of Season 1 SVU. Want to know how this ends? (Hint: Andrew McCarthy’s character is a bad, bad man!)

    TINK LIVES. I don’t care what Peter tells grown-up Wendy. SHE LIVES.

  7. Justine on #

    What’s svu?

  8. Little Willow on #

    Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I’ve been a fan since day one, episode one, many moons ago. I am an actress and I would love to be on the series – so much so that I joke to friends and family how I’d like to put the V in SVU.

  9. Diana on #

    Those were some interesting questions of marije’s…. some of them didn’t even occur to me. She doesn’t apparently do posting there so I want to talk about it here if that’s okay, Justine? (if not, just delete me.)



    I have to say that the bad smell/good smell prgression wasn’t one that I questioned at all. the guy was this old rotting husk that was keeping alive by magic, of course he smelled nasty, but then after he ‘explained’ his nature to Reason et al., by, you know, rummaging around in their insides, Reason could see the good of what it was he had done to himself — how it made him survive or whatever. You also have to remember that Reason has been raqised to think of magic as something rather alien to her, so she needs to be TAUGHT how to use it correctly, and not even Esmerelda has been doing that. (Her lesson in the house was PATHETIC.)

    Regarding ‘are julieta and danny related’ I’m coming down on no for that too, because remember when Mere tries to touch Julieta and give her the knowledge that Old Man shared with her and it doesn’t work — she’s NOT a Cansino.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it.

    Regarding all that other stuff about Danny though — verrrrrra intersting. I hadn’t been questioning any of that at all, but now I’m rather intrigued. He is awful good as basketball.

  10. tonch on #

    I like the whole everyone dying in a bus scenario.. it’s very PoMo

  11. Hezaa on #

    Hildegard of Bingen? I’m particularly fond of her Lauds to Saint Ursula (which, I confess, I’ve only heard because my Humanities class studied it). Medieval music is very meditational and relaxing.

  12. marrije on #

    justine, don’t worry ’bout me worrying! i’m sure you’ll live up to all of it and will manage to surprise me many times, again. or it will all turn out to be a dream after all 🙂 (die on a bus is so so passay).

    and interesting points, diana. will think about it some more!

  13. Justine on #

    So, you all know that by law I cannot respond to any spoiler speculation, right? Except to say this: YOU’RE ALL WRONG!!!!

    Little Willow: Lots of people have been sending me those links to the Fibs poetry. As soon as I’ve gotten out behind this deadline I’ll check ’em out.

    Hezaa: Yup. That’s exactly how I feel about mediaeval music. I used to study to it.

    Marrije: See now you’ve got me worried about whether I should be worrying!

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