My Conjure Schedule

Heh hem. Tis a bit late given that the con has already started, but here’s where you can find me at Conjure in Brissie:

    Sat 1 pm: Once More With Feeling (Joss Whedon panel)
    Chair: Ron Serduik. Justine Larbalestier, Lucy Zinkiewicz, Nicky StricklandSun 4 pm: The 16-year-old Writing Drill Sergeant
    Chair: Jenny Blackford. Ian Irvine, Anita Bell, Simon Higgins, Justine Larbalestier

    Mon 1 pm: Those were the young years: Juvenilia Readings
    Chair: Rob Hoge. Kim Wilkins, Sean Williams, Justine Larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld

I’m most looking forward to the last panel. I have stuff going back to when I was eleven, but unbeknownst to me my lovely mother has a whole folder of my writings going back to when I was seven or so. She dropped it over last night. And oh my Elvis—it’s hilarious! Seriously, Scott and me was reading it out loud to each other and weeping we laughed so hard.

His juvenilia doesn’t go back so far, but fortunately is also excellent for the making of laughter. Especially the bits that are cleverly coded so his mum couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. I bet Sean and Kim will also have some splutterers. What larks we’ll have!


  1. Little Willow on #

    Rock on! Yay for OMWF.

  2. Hezaa on #

    I recently discovered some of my writing from when I was 9. It is the corniest, most awful and most overdramatic love poetry I have ever seen. I’m actually rather ashamed to have ever written anything so…wretched. However, everyone I show this wretched writing seems to find my 9-year-old dramatizations of mundane activities hilarious. Indeed, they have been much cause for thanks that I do not write so wretchedly anymore.

  3. maureen johnson on #

    I am always impressed when people own up to their teenage writings/journals. If mine still exist, and if I ever find them, I will lock them up in a Swiss bank box.

  4. jonathan on #

    this has nothing to do with this post, but it has to do with spoilers. on the back of the us edition of magic or madness, the text is a total spoiler of what is going to happen in the book. it should be changed!

  5. Justine on #

    Turns out the juvenilia panel was far and away the best one. It was so fab to be looking at an audience that was laughing so hard they were crying. We panellists also cacked ourselves. When i’m less knackered I’ll blog it.

    Hezaa: I think the vast majority of juvenilia is hilarious.

    Maureen: Most of us read stuff from when we were 7-9. Only Scott read stuff from when he was 14. We stuck to work produced by our 7-9 year old selves (Kim even had something from when she was 5.) I am still embarrassed by my teenage poetry and thus it did not make the journey to Brisbane with me!

    Jonathan: I completey agree with you, but my publishers did not 🙁

  6. jonathan on #

    damn them publishers. always messing things up

  7. Justine on #

    Well, they think they’re doing the very best they can to make books sell. Apparently my idea that all books come in brown paper bags so there would be no spoilage whatsoever would interfere with that aim . . .

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