How Bout that Bangladesh?

In the few moments that I’m not banging MorM 3 into shape, I’ve been taking a squiz at the first test in Bangledesh and, wow. Turns out my sister was right and I—like many other commentators (most notably, our noble captain, Ricky Ponting who said they weren’t worthy of test status)—was talking out my arse. And ain’t that fabulous?

Matthew Hayden batting (briefly); Shahadat Hossain appealing (unsuccesfully)
Getty Images

Bangladesh are the worst ranked team in the world; Australia are the best (by a considerable margin) and right now Bangladesh are pounding us. Excellent stuff. Not just because it’s been an incredibly entertaining test match, but because of what it means for the future, for the raising of the level of test cricket world wide. Colour me very happy indeed.

Though it ain’t over yet. We can still win!


  1. niki on #

    ha !

  2. Justine on #

    C’mon, Niki, you can gloat better than that!

  3. niki on #

    but not at work – brain can’t function on more than one thing at a time ..

  4. Ben Payne on #

    I haven’t seen any of it but it’s very cool… it’s one thing to stage an upset in a one-day match, but another thing to be competitive in a test match.

    Yay Bangladesh.

  5. Justine on #

    Well, the recovery is well in hand. Bangladesh collapsed for 148. And Australia are currently 1/149. The target’s 307 so an Oz win seems likely. I hope Bangladesh aren’t too bummed. They’ve done amazingly.

    Perry: sarcastic bastard. I’ll have you know Mr Warne got 3 wickets in the second innings!

  6. Perry Middlemiss on #

    magilla got 9, but. and they didn’t let him bowl on the fourth day. what’s with that?

    i saw the replay of the warne wickets and he had his flipper going again. stuffed shoulder and all!

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