Complex Character Magic or Madness

I’m in Chinese! Complex character Chinese, no less. The Taiwanese edition of Magic or Madness just arrived. Thank you, Whitney! The very first non-English edition of the book to appear anywhere in the world.

And yet another different cover for my first novel. While not as beautiful as the French cover, it does bear much more of a resemblance to the tale told within its covers. I adore seeing all these different versions of my book.

The other cool thing? It’s so skinny. What was almost 280 pages in the Oz and US editions is a mere 220 pages in this edition. Chinese complex characters are mighty efficient.


  1. Chris Barzak on #

    yeah, those chinese characters pack a whole lot of meaning in, often what would take us several words or more to get across the same meaning. i like this cover better than the french actually. i don’t know why, but i do.

  2. Rachel Brown on #

    I like this one better than the french cover. it’s more evocative and unusual, and conveys the flavor of the book better. Also, that does look like reason.

  3. nalo on #

    Oo, pretty!

  4. Diana Peterfreund on #

    I love it! It looks like the US cover to me, and I love that one…

  5. Justine on #

    I shouldn’t say this because you know and I know that my hubris will be punished, but, I sure do seem to have been blessed by the god of covers. Even my uni press scholarly books have great covers! How lucky am I?

  6. Toffeeliz on #

    You’re obviously not attempting to learn the buggers!
    I go to school in China – adnt eh only efficient thing about written chinese is the grammer. Therwe is no ‘the’ and no ‘to’ in mandarin Chinese (as spoken in Taiwan). lol – congrats on getting it in chinese though – I’ll have to pick up and engurish version when I’m in Hong Kong ^_^

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