I am easily amused (Updated)

Top ten searches that led to my site over the last 24 hours:

Is there no topic on which I’m not an authority? Nope, not one.

Update: Just so as you know, I cheated and left out all the obvious searches like my name, books I’ve written, Elvis and mangosteens.


  1. niki on #

    but I’m not naked !!!!!

  2. janet on #

    And I thought it would be mangosteens — just thought you should know that someone else is blogging them.

  3. Justine on #

    Niki: Course not. You’re a good girl, you are.

    Janet: I left off all the obvious searches like “Elvis”, “Justine”, “Larbalestier”, “Magic or Madness” and “mangosteens”.

  4. Jenny D on #

    “what a boy looks like naked” is particularly adorable! assuming, you know, sort of ya fanbase rather than weird pedophile–but it has a sort of openness/air of inquiry that makes me think the former…

  5. Justine on #

    Jenny D: that’s what I assumed, too. Not the fanbase, but that it was a curious little girl. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. Rather different from “my sister naked”, which comes up every single day.

  6. janet on #

    justine: ah, I see. I’m glad that the mangosteen community is going strong.

    I just sent you some email with the subject line “what a boy looks like naked.” I hope it gets through your spam filter….

  7. Justine on #

    I prolly should’ve mentioned that I cheated and took the obvious search terms out . . .

    Your email sailed through my spam filters. Why does that sound vaguely rude?

  8. Rachel Brown on #

    How do I figure out what search strings took people to my website? that sounds like fun.

  9. Justine on #

    I use statcounter.com. It’s most excellent. Hours of procrastination guaranteed.

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