The ODI series gets interesting

How about that Dilshan, eh? I love me some runout action.

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And how fabbie is it that the ODI finals are turning into an actual contest? I’m so very relieved that the explosive Sri Lankans made it rather than the dour South Africans. Plus Bandara is the dead spit of Theo Black. It’s eerie. (Though the resemblance isn’t as clear from photos. If onlly I could get the Blacks to come to Sydney and see Bandara on the tellie. I swear he even moves like Theo.)

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Also, what Peter Roebuck said about Murali.

Oh, and how about that Tuffers? He funny. Ponting? Not so much. You should really worry, Mr Ponting, when our humourless prime minister is on your side on the question of whether something is funny or not.

So, who else has signed up to be part of the Australian Cricket Family? Me, I was there in a flash. There’s little I won’t do to get tickets to the Ashes and jeer noisily at the bloody Poms. Bless ’em!


  1. ben peek on #

    i like watching the sri lankans play. cricket isn’t much my thing, but my mind likes it as i roll through the final weeks of thesising… and who doesn’t like murali?

  2. Romance gal on #


  3. rjurik on #

    I love Jayasurya. He’s the coolest. And Murali – love watching him bowl. He did Symonds like a dinner. Ohh that was a great ball.


  4. Justine on #

    Ben & Rjurik: Yup, indeed. Most excellent. Murali looks like a pirate. Yay pirates!

    Romance Gal: go here

  5. rjurik on #

    It’s all in the eyes, you see. one day I plan to have eyes like that. then watch out!

  6. Justine on #

    Aren’t you already scary enough, Mr Rjurik? Must the world have no respite?

  7. Ben Payne on #

    Toot toot Sri Lankans!

    Me loves them. Me loves them old school!

    Murali is great… and how he must love sticking it to the Aussies in Australia, after all his shabby treatment here over the years…

  8. Justine on #

    Sadly the SCG turned against Murali yesterday. Remember when it used to be perfect for spinners? Ah, the good old days . . .

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