Whoa, Black Caps!

One of the best onedayers I’ve seen in ages. Last over: Black Caps had one wicket left, one run a ball needed, and then two runouts in the last over. I was thinking NZ were absolutely no chance! But they got so very close. What a match!

Is it just me or have ODIs gotten a lot more interesting in the last couple of years? And how about the Brett Lee reversal of fortune? 3/5 in the last match; 1 for a million in this one. How about that Symmo? And Vincent? And Cairns? And Vettori? And Clarke? And Lewis?

And how happy am I that I can watch the baggy greens v the black caps in NZ; Pakistan v England in Pakistan (yay Shoab Akhtar!); and soon Australia v South Africa here in the land of Oz? Very, very: tis glorious to be home with TV access to cricket all over the world.


  1. Ben Payne on #

    (grumble grumble… stupid channel nine not deeming the matches worthy of being shown on free-to-air…)

    Looking forward to the South African series though… although for my money they better win the first two matches because they don’t have a hope in Sydney with only Nicky Boje…

  2. Justine on #

    I totally agree with you. It’s very crappy indeed that I have to spend $50 a month to watch all the cricket. There should be a free-to-air cricket channel.

    Even though I love Messers Ntini and Pollock, I hope the Proteas give us a tough fight but win nothing.

  3. Perry Middlemiss on #

    Being able to watch the cricket from round the world is one of the few reasons left why I continue with Foxtel – they seem to be playing funny buggers with West Wing as well. But I missed the last over of last night’s match as Brett Lee’s penultimate over took forever and Herself decided that Rick Stein in France was the go at 8 o’clock. Had to sneak a listen to the radio. I keep on asking myself why I ever introduced Herself to the Lifestyle channel. And can’t come up with a decent answer.

    After their recent efforts in Perth against the WA Second XI I suspect the South African tests are going to be a bit of a squib.

  4. Justine on #

    Perry: I wouildn’t give up on the Proteas yet. They were jetlagged, direct from a trying one-day series in India, and they were without Smith and Kallis. They’ll get better.

    I can’t believe you allowed anyone to change the channel on that match! Gracelands forfend! (Not that I don’t enjoy the Lifestyle channel . . . )

  5. Perry Middlemiss on #

    Don’t get me started on who controls the tv in my house: the thirteen-year-old or herself. I’m okay after about 9:30 as they’re all in bed by that time.

    The trouble is that certain non-sports-loving viewers don’t seem to understand the higher priority of live action over multi-replayed pap. Sometimes discretion really is the better part of survival.

  6. Justine on #

    You know, Perry, that’s got to be grounds for divorce. You can cite irreconcilable differences. Of course live cricket trumps a rerun of anything ever!

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