James Howe (updated)

In amongst all my book expo america booty was James Howe’s the misfits and totally joe. I read them yesterday. Yes, both of them. Wonderful, funny, heart-warming (in the non-chundery way). They had all the merits of fine writing and of shortness (oh, how I love short books!). They made me happy.

Particulary, the misfits on account of how it is influenced-like by the writings of mister damon runyon who I hear from a not entirely disreputable party is not without a certain amount of merit. if you haven’t already read them do so immediately. Well, except for totally joe which isn’t out till September—oh how I love b.e.a. booty!

Hmmm, what should I read next? Rachel Manija Brown’s All the Fishes Come Home to Roost, V for Vendetta or teach me by R. A. Nelson or Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners? Life is good.

Update: Scott has posted an account of our day at the b.e.a so I don’t have to. What he said.


  1. alan moore-ish on #

    Q. what should I read next?

    A. V for Vendetta

  2. holly on #

    I read Totally Joe today. Wow. James Howe does such an amazing job of creating a voice that is totally natural and convincing. I can’t help smiling when I read him.

    Also read Teach Me. Duuuuuude.

  3. razorbilly on #

    Gotta read TEACH ME.

  4. jennifer on #

    all the fishes come home to roost!

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