Wiscon Answers (sort of)

I’ve had a few puzzled emails wondering

a) why I’m hectoring people into taking the WisCon survey?

b) what the hell is WisCon anyway?

Funny you should ask.

a) I’m on the convention committee for WisCon. I help put it on, by organising the readings programme and doing some other bits and pieces for programming. I really want to know what people thought of the readings and the general programming and I want to know how we can do it better. This is my favourite convention in the world, we do our best to make it as wonderful as possible, but don’t always succeed. The survey form is the best way of letting us know how to fix what’s broke, and tell us about what’s working.

b) WisCon is the leading feminist science fiction convention in the world (yes, there is more than one). It’s a tonne of fun, and all my favourite (mostly) US sf friends attend.

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  1. dave on #

    You write books and run conventions and travel back and forth between Australia and America. Isn’t that tiring?

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