Firefly jealousy

I was once a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, but then along came season seven which I disliked so much I haven’t been able to watch it since. (Actually that’s a lie. I had to watch it a tonne immediately after the end, in order to wrap up essays on it for Roz Kaveney and Glenn Yeffeth. Talk about painful! Having to watch Buffy while I was in deep mourning for it. Like going to a wedding with your ex immediately after breaking up.)

Anyway, I was very reluctant to go near Firefly. I wasn’t ready for Joss Whedon to break my heart again. I didn’t watch for a very long time, not till it was out on DVD in fact. But once I finally gave in I liked what I saw. It’s uneven, but the very best episodes are amazing. The final one, “Objects in Space”, is one of the finest hours of TV I’ve ever seen. Incredible.

Now the movie version has been playing in sneak previews all over the USA despite the fact that its official release isn’t until September. Too, too cruel. What’s the big deal, anyway? Why torture people like me with this long drawn out preview fest in all parts of the country (except New York City! The bastards!)? And why do all those people who have seen it have to torment those who haven’t by writing about it endlessly (and spoilerishly) all over the web. Why?!

Okay, I go pack now. But I’m just warning everyone at WisCon–if someone tells me even so much as what the opening credits look like or what any of the characters are wearing in any given scene I will disembowel them. Nothing personal, that’s just how it is. Cause unlike certain other people I believe in the concept of spoilerage. I don’t even want to know whether people like it or not!


  1. Allen Holt on #

    I’m lucky enough to be going to the Serenity preview tonight in Providence (actually, going to see Episode III and Serenity back-to-back–probably not going to do much for my opinion of Episode III). My buddy, also a huge “Firefly” fan, saw the first preview in Boston three weeks ago and has been biting his tongue ever since lest he accidentally spoil plot points for me (that link is spoiler-free). And I’ve had to completely avoid certain web sites because I just know they’ll be dripping with more information about the movie than I could possibly want just yet.

    The horrible thing about the movie not coming out until the end of September is that four months is such a long time to go for anyone trying to avoid hearing anything about what happens in the movie. I know that only a few thousand people nationwide will have seen it, but those few thousand people have a great many of the same interests I do and before I got tickets for tonight’s screening, I was deathly afraid of something sometime slipping out between now and September 30.

    Good luck in keeping away from the spoilers!

    (Oh, and I’ve heard they might have a third round of preview screenings, so maybe NYC will get one. This round, they had one in Hartford, of all places, so if they get another one and you feel like driving a couple hours…)

  2. Justine on #

    Of course, I’d have to learn to drive first before I could drive anywhere to go see it. I’m very keen on seeing Firefly, but that seems a bit excessive.

    You’re a very very very lucky man and have been added to my list of people I can’t bring myself to like until after September (you’ll join my ex-friend Mely on that list!

    I do understand how hard it is to keep your mouth shut after experiencing such an unfair advantage over others. Were I in that position I know I’d be hardpressed not to let something slip. That’s why I’m avoiding all Firefly sites, as well as all sites that might possibly mention it. This includes all sf sites, all film and tv sites, as well as all blogs written by people with good taste. Right now all that’s left for me on the web are really bad blogs about food. I figure they’re safe.

    So you go off tonight and enjoy yourself! Go on! See if I care!

  3. Shelly Rae on #

    Hey Justine,
    I missed the Seattle preview so it’s safe to talk to me. No spoilers here. I too have made the Clifthouse a “Serenity Free Zone” until September. And darn TNH for posting the link to the trailer even.
    Have fun in cheese land.

  4. Brina on #

    I haven’t seen any previews and I’m doing my best to stay away from spoilers (evil, evil, evil!). It is so hard, but I will be strong and wait until September. Definitely can’t wait until then. 🙂

  5. Allen Holt on #

    not to rub it in or anything, but I just wanted to tell those of you who haven’t seen it:

    it’ll be worth the wait, I promise you. The movie was very, very good and every bit as whedon-like as you’d hope and expect. let that thought warm you and get you through until the end of september. 🙂

  6. ex-friend mely on #

    I got a Serenity keychain at the screening. I plan to swing it tauntingly at you.

  7. Justine on #

    Dear ex-friend Mely,

    I mock your serenity keychain with my monkeypants!

  8. Allen Holt on #

    I was going to let my faux pas lie, but I just can’t–i have to offer my sincerest apologies for not re-reading your original entry in my post-screening excitement. had i done so, I would have seen the “don’t you dare say a thing” part of it and kept my mouth shut. mea cupla!

  9. Tevans on #

    I think Buffy season 7 was great. especially the whole first evil and Potential Slayers story line.

  10. thing on #

    i love buffy season seven too.

    OK, if i’m honest, i am just utterly incapable of analysing or criticising buffy. i am the fantasy equivalent of a muslim and you just spat on the koran. jihad!

    but your essay was right: they should have ended with ‘normal again’. because buffy IS crazy, she IS schizo, and the monsters ARE all in her head. and that thought, as she retreated back into vampire world and got sucked away from her pleading mom, was so bloody chilling it was fantastic. what an ending THAT would have been.

    firefly is ok but Mal’s Tourette’s is annoying. ‘Whore! Whore! Whore! Whore!’ Mal, go and toss off already. or stump up for Inara’s fee, you tight git.


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