The response to yesterday‘s post has been astonishing. I am overwhelmed. I received more mail in a single day than I normally do in a month. (I was already behind with my mail.) I’m going to try very hard to get to it all, but it may take some time and I have a novel to finish and leave the country in a couple of days. So bear with me.

Thanks so much for taking this conversation further. It’s crucial.


  1. Keren David on #

    Just fascinated to read Bloomsbury’s response – that they thought they were being ‘ambiguous’. Hmmm.
    I blogged about it too. Just checked on amazon.uk to see which cover we have here, and was fascinated to see a note across the cover of the audio version saying ‘cover art not final’ Is this something new?

  2. caitlin on #

    I am so glad the issue of white girls/boys on covers is finally getting some attention, hopefully the pubs will listen. Justine – when I read Liar the US cover really bothered me. I hope Bloomsbury will change the US cover to the Australian one. I’m already planning on making my own cover when I buy the book.

  3. Tashiana Hudson on #

    Thank you for discussing this issue on your blog. I blogged about it, too.


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