What’s Your Fairy?

My new novel, How To Ditch Your Fairy, is set in a world where almost everyone has a personal fairy. My protag, Charlie, has a parking fairy (which she hates because she’s only fourteen and doesn’t drive and doesn’t like cars), her best friend has a clothes-shopping fairy, and her arch enemy has an all-boys-will-like-you fairy.

So what’s your fairy?

Or what fairy would you like to have?


  1. Travis on #

    A find-money-on-the-ground fairy.

  2. dragonfly on #

    i think i probably have an attracts-stress fairy. *sigh*

    i’d like to have a causes-people-to-give-me-books fairy. πŸ™‚

  3. marrije on #

    I have an untangle-complicated-knots fairy. She does sigh and moan, but she’s rather good at her job.

  4. marrije on #

    dang it. forgot that i was going to refuse to use capitals…

  5. Kadie-Wa on #

    I think my fairy is an accident prone fairy.

    I’d like a peace fairy. I’m around way too much drama.

  6. Chris McLaren on #

    I think I’ve got a don’t-worry-some-money-will-show-up fairy.

    I think I need a hey-how-did-that-get-cleaned-up fairy.

  7. Bill Gathen on #

    I’m pleased to say I have a makes-other-people-happy fairy.

    I just wish he didn’t take so many days off.

  8. racheFACE on #

    I have a great-at-any-sport-she-plays fairy.

    I wish I had an perfect-grades-fairy

  9. Patrick on #

    I am just thinking how unfortunate an ‘all-boys-will-like-me’ fairy would be for me.

  10. _iris_ on #

    i’ve got a contrary fairy (or so people tell me)
    I’d like a no-blisters fairy.

  11. Heather G Wells on #

    i have totally got a procrastination fairy, and i’m willing to trade it in for a house-cleaning fairy. any takers?

  12. Graeme Williams on #

    I have a clarity fairy, and a math(s) fairy. I’d love to have an organizes-volunteers fairy.

    I wouldn’t mind a writes-with-less-effort fairy. Even a copy editing fairy would help.

  13. Reb on #

    I’ve got a finds-lost-stuff fairy, though it mostly helps me find other people’s lost stuff. (Still, very useful when my sister needs her inhaler.)

    I wish I had a don’t-worry-that-won’t-stain fairy.

  14. Dawn on #

    I think a writes-amazingly-well fairy would do it.

  15. Carrie on #

    odd, but I have an on-ramp fairy.

  16. Tera Lynn Childs on #

    Have: bookstore-addiction fairy

    Want: every-book-is-free fairy

    Oh wait, I already have one. Her name is Library Card.

  17. Kelly G. on #

    I think I have an assemble-furniture fairy.

    Wish I could have commitment-finishing fairy.

  18. cherie priest on #

    I seem to have a fairy who masquerades as an elusive plot bunny; but I’d rather have a fat advance fairy.

  19. aden on #

    My fairy is a singularity of tragic gravity. I have a habit of accumulating weirdness about me like static, and having it arc to ground against the people around me. So, perhaps a socks-on-the-carpet-in-the-winter-of-discontent fairy?

  20. dory on #

    I want a will-get-me-all-books-and-find-somewhere-to-put-them fairy.

    If that makes sense.

  21. Brent on #

    I think I have a procrastination fairy, but I haven’t gotten around to checking.

    I’d like a fairy that induces random people to give me back scratches.

  22. PJ on #

    I seem to share the same fairy with Charlie. I inherited mine from my dad who had an extreme mystical connection with parking spaces.

  23. Keilexandra on #

    A writing fairy, duh.

  24. Lauren on #

    I thought I had the don’t-worry-some-money-will-show-up fairy but apparently the little tart is working for Chris McLaren now, which leaves me very worried as my money is quickly running out. Chris, can I borrow her for, like, two months?

  25. Lydia on #

    Hmm. According to a friend of mine, I cause weddings around me to happen… so maybe I have a “wedding-fairy” or something. (three of my friends are getting married within a year…)

    The kind of fairy I would like… hmm. A “always able to cook amazingly tasty yet healthy foods fairy”. Wow…that’s a long title.

    But often I wish I could cook better and cook good food. Not just cakes. πŸ™‚

  26. Mike on #

    I also have the parking fairy, but as I no longer have a car, well, it’s not up to much. I do have an overdue library books fairy that keeps busy, however.
    (PS, the book sounds fun.)

  27. ariel cooke on #

    I have a “build bridges with strange people fairy”and sometimes I wish for a “scare away strange people” fairy.

  28. kim on #

    i want a fairy that-makes-you-skinny-fairy.

    i think that i have a i-have-too-many-favroite-authors-and-all-their-books-are-coming-out-at-one-time-and-i-don’t-have-any-money-fairy. (wow long title)
    seriously thought i have like 11 books that i want coming out this year and that does not include all the books that are already out and i want them. so i guess i also need a make-money-out-of-thin-air-fairy.

  29. kim on #

    hey, guys… …actually, this is kim’s awesomely much cooleryounger sister, jackie… j/k j/k j/k,.. im kidding, kim ur awesome!!!!!!! soes…i hears of this new book ur writing, justine. – – – it sounds awesome! let’s c…. i either have multiple fairies, or one very busy fairy with many multiple jobs… i’ll see wat i can do to make it into one super-duper long-named fairy…. methinks i has an
    addicted-to-shopping-and-also-sugar-and-chocolate-happy-and-energetic-always-and-constantly-being-random-fairy ……

    …w-o-w…longo name-o …hehehe… …and bingo was his name-o!!!
    ….okie-dokie, enough of using kims computer… bye, now!!!!!

    ~jackie πŸ™‚

  30. lili on #

    i have a tooth fairy. seriously. i have truly excellent teeth. whenever i go to the dentist, he exclaims with joy and makes his assistant come and examine my perfect overbite. then he charges me $200.

    i would like to have a keeping-things-tidy fairy to stop me from dumping all my clothes on the bedroom floor.

  31. kaylee on #

    i would have a never get sick fairy bc i get sick all the time and i hate it lol

  32. Cameron on #

    OT – Just read Maureen’s sekirt blog post.
    Very Nicely Done.

  33. Danica on #

    I have a rhythm fairy. I played Rock Band on the weekend and found I’m surprisingly good at playing the drums.

    I would like to have a flexibility fairy because I’m a dancer and my flexilibity kinda sucks. Either that or a singing fairy. Or a public speaking fairy! Oh, I’d never be able to choose. Can I just have a team of fairies?

  34. rebecca on #

    i have a grammar fairy who is particularly obsessive. except when he’s not.

    i also wouldn’t mind having a gets-A’s-on-homework-without-trying fairy.

  35. Dess on #

    i have a metabolism fairy. i can eat my body weight in twizzlers (my vice) and not gain an ounce. i also have a fast reading fairy. (pretty self-explanitory) i think i’d like an orginization fairy. or maybe a spellcheck fairy. (i apoligize for my lack of spelling skills.)

  36. parker on #

    i need to read your book now. i have been trying to ditch my grumpy fairy for some time now. does any body want her?

    i would be most pleased to trade her for a patience fairy or a so-you-think-you can-dance fairy or a vampire-slayer-doomed-to-love-vampires fairy or a hey-look-i-found-the-happy fairy.

  37. michelle on #

    my fairy is a takes-all-the-bad-stuff-that’s-happened-and-won’t-give-it-back kind of fairy. i love him, sometimes he’s the only thing that keeps me going.

  38. Sarah on #

    I have a colorguard fairy. She spins flags, rifles, and sabre. OH MY.

    *band geek* if you don’t know what colorguard/winterguard is look it up.

  39. capt. cockatiel on #

    My fairy is something like a they’ll-only-play-songs-you-like-on-the-radio fairy. Mostly. Sort of.

  40. Andrew on #

    I have a “bored now… la la la.. ooh shiny books!” fairy.

    Which is both good and bad when you’re a librarian.

  41. rachel on #

    I have a spontaneous-song fairy, a parallel-parking fairy and a library-card-collecting fairy.
    I’d really like a what’s-for-dinner fairy. And then one to write the shopping list. Maybe an all-in-one grocery-and-cooking fairy?

  42. eek on #

    Seriously, I do have a parking fairy, but I could use one of those switch-hitting ups-your-metabolism and brings-you-money fairies…


  43. PixelFish on #

    Give your protag a few years. I mean, seriously, I would have killed for a parking fairy when I lived in San Francisco. Do you know how many tickets I got? And I moved my car religiously.

    I still have anxiety dreams where I dream I have fifteen minutes before my car needs to be moved for street cleaning.

  44. nadai on #

    i have a of-course-you’ll-get-the-job fairy. she’s come in very handy, i must say. if i could have a second fairy (i know it’s greedy), i’d like winning-lottery-ticket fairy. really, i’d only need her once.

  45. celsie on #

    I think I already have one. The “I save you from falling on your face” fairy. I nearly face planted walking up the stairs to my apartment today. Miraculously, I merely scraped my elbow. I’m overdue for a major spill. I’m constantly just barely catching myself, and wondering how.

    I lost my “gain no weight” fairy as soon as I got married. Le sigh, I shall miss that one.

  46. Diana Peterfreund on #

    I used to have a parallel parking fairy. I think she vanished from disuse. I also have a metabolism fairy. It’s the only explanation.

  47. Laura on #

    I want a shoe fairy. She’ll bring me a new pair of shoes when I’m upset.

  48. Maggie on #

    Hahhahaha! What a loaded question. I think I’d want an always-good-hair-day fairy. πŸ˜‰

  49. Camille on #

    A clean-my-house fairy, hands down. Or at least, a do-the-floors-and-dusting fairy.

  50. cecil on #

    I would like a:

    don’t worry it looks like it’s all a disaster now but it’s going to work out just right fairy

    always find the right and most perfect gift for anyone fairy

    always have the right ingredients to make a delicious meal fairy

  51. Hillary! on #

    I know I have a read-as-many-books-and-enjoy-them-without-a-care-for-what-people-say fairy.
    What I would really like is a read-very-fast fairy. Although that would be super hero fast, because I read really fast as it is already.

  52. jocelyn on #

    i have a boys-don’t-like-you fairy, or maybe a procrastination fairy. what i’d like is a writing fairy!

  53. libba on #

    i have an absentmindedness fairy. also, an absurdist fairy.

    i would like to have a can-eat-anything-she-bloody-well-likes-and-still-zip-up-her-jeans fairy.

  54. Amanda Coppedge on #

    Funny, I was just thinking of this the other day but obviously not in this context. I have remarkable luck with eggs. I have never had to switch out a broken egg. The carton I pick up is always full of 100% unbroken eggs.

  55. ysa on #

    i have a “spontaneous burst of sillyness and flights of fancy” faery. he (yes, he! so neener neener neener) helps keep my sense of the absurd functioning properly. my faery comes in handy when things happen like hitting a police car with a cricket ball and then arguing with the constable about wether or not that was a sixer! (it was! it bounced off the car and back into the boundary and then bounced out. so it was a sixer, unless i can have credit for it bouncing outside the rope and then inside the rope, therefore making it a tenner!)

  56. ysa on #

    i think i meant “whether” not “wether”. stupid english homophones anyway!

  57. limeywesty on #

    I don’t know what fairy I would have, but I know what fairy I do have.

    His name is Murphy, and he likes to make up his own rules. He follows ‘Murphy’s law’ and he works like this:

    if I have a really busy night, and I hope for no homework, I will get piles and piles and tonnes and tonnes of paper. So much, that the quantities could in no way be good for the environment!

    But, if, on the odd occassion, I have an almost free night, with plenty of time to do homework, I will get none whatsoever. Which is good, but it makes me wish I had have gotten all that other homework on this night.

  58. Jane Volker on #

    I think I may have a flatulance fairy that shows up just as I wake in the morning!

  59. Jennifer on #

    I clearly have a chaos magnet fairy, for drama eruptions occur around me a lot even if I am sitting there minding my own bidness.

    Also, it makes off with my jewelry. Bad fairy!

  60. penni on #

    I wish I had a parking fairy. Or a 3 point turn fairy. Or a chill out it’s only an orange light and not an approaching apocalypse fairy. Because I have to do my driving test next week.

    I have a soup fairy. No matter what I have in the house, what ingredients are/aren’t available I can always make a good soup.

  61. Rosalie on #

    I wish I had a dries-your-tears fairy that would help with my low self-esteem.

    I think I have a heavy-and-sits-in-your-backpack fairy.

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