Another good review for Magic or Madness!

And of all places it’s in Australian Family Circle (December 2005 issue). A lifestyle magazine filled with recipes and stuff on quilting etc. (or at least that’s what it looks like from the cover) with a circulation of more than 300,000. In a country of only 20 million that’s pretty good going. Here’s what they said:

Reason Cansino has spent all her life in the outback with her mother, trying to hide from her grandmother—a witch. But when her mother falls ill, Reason has live with her grandmother and discovers all is not as she thought. While this is technically a fantasy novel, the very real world that’s created will enchant anyone who reads it.

Not bad, eh? And while some genre fans may objec, I like them pointing out that it will also appeal to non-fantasy fans. Bigger audience = good.

I think this might be the first t time I’ve been reviewed in a place not devoted to books, children’s fiction, or genre. Yay me!

Thanks to Ana Vivas of Hachette Children’s Books for for passing it along.