More market research

Vampires are so far ahead of the competition in my latest poll that it’s ridiculous. Fifty-four per cent of my readers believe there are vastly more bad books about them than anything else on the list. Lagging way behind are faerie and witches at 9%. Daikaiju and ghouls got no votes at all.

On the other hand, my last piece of intensive market research found that faery and vampires were the most popular creatures of the night. What to conclude?

  1. People love vampires when done well, but hate them done badly.
  2. There’s a massive opening for novels about giant monsters and/or ghouls.

Therefore, my next novel clearly has to be about a (reimagined) vampire who battles giant monsters with the assistance of an army of ghouls. Practically writes itself, dunnit? Though it does cry out for zombies . . .

Which leads to my next poll, which you will find to your right.

See the new poll? Is improved version of old poll!

Thanks to, Mr Moles, for suggesting that what I really wanted to know was which supernatural creature are we most sick of. You’re a genius, Moles!

I will make no attempt to guide your voting since I failed so abysmally to get ghouls over the top in the last poll. Though I will say that I’m sick to death of vampire love stories. Not vampires, just them as an object of desire. They’re dead, people. Their flesh is cold. If vampires were realistically portrayed they’d be forever flicking maggots off themselves. Ewwww!

For those not quick of eye—the poll is in the sidebar to your right.

Vampire elves

Holly Black is making me giggle (via Gwenda). Now all I can think about is vampire elves and zombie unicorns and werewolf-griffins and pirate-orcs and . . . and which of all of those would win in battle and what they’d look like and what they’d eat. Would vampire elves still not like steel and not tell lies? And what would a novel with all these creatures in it be like?

Oh, hush, Justine. You have stories to write! Novels to unbuggerize! Admin to adminerate! Stop procrastinating.