I am old

It’s 1AM at Wiscon (no, I haven’t bothered to change this blog to Madison time, it’s still on NYC time) and I’m about to go to bed despite the many parties raging on the 6th floor. This is because I am old now, not because I’m avoiding ex-friend Mely and her Serenity keychain of taunt.

Things I learned on the first official day of Wiscon:

Frank Lloyd Wright was crazy.

The cover of Kelly Link’s new book is beautiful.

Pan Morrigan went on tour with Bobby McFerrin and she’s giving a free concert here at WisCon on Saturday at 10:30PM.

Ted Chiang starts stories by writing the last paragraph first.

Maureen McHugh starts at the beginning and has no idea where she’s going until she gets there.

That is all. I am old and must sleep now.