Documenting Our Lurve

Thanks to everyone for all the photos. You are all the bestest and most wondrous people EVER! As Jeff Fenech would say, “I love youse all!”

It was kind of weird to see how many photos there are of me and Scott I never knew existed. Eerie even . . .

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to my sister, Niki Bern, as well as my good friend, Cat Sparks. I’m sorry I’m always so recalcitrant about having my photo taken. You were both right that some day I would be happy you both insist on documenting everything.

That said, I now no longer need to have my photo taken ever again. Hallelujah! I shall keep intact what tiny bit of my soul is left.

Because some of you have expressed curiosity here is one photo for every year Scott and me have been together. Enjoy! We certainly have.

2001: Our wedding day. Upstate New York. (Photo by Phyllis Bobb.)

2002: On the Woomera Prohibited zone in South Australia to see a total eclipse. (Photo by Sean Williams.)

2003: Goofing around with Adrian Hobbs in Newtown back home in Sydney. (Photo by Olivia Rousset.)

2004: At the SFWA drinks night. (Thanks Liza Trombi and Locus for sending the photo.)

2005: With Andrew Woffinden and Lauren McLaughlin in London. (Photo by Niki Bern.)

2006: At the Lake Hills Library in Bellevue, Washington. (Photo by Shelly Clift. Thanks!)

2007: On our way to the National Book Awards.