Passing Strange

In my new I-will-go-to-shows phase I has already been to three shows this year. Three! Manon Lescaut, South Pacific, and last night Passing Strange. I know none of you recommended that one but I was taking Emily’s advice that it’s best to see a show that’s still fresh and whose cast isn’t jaded and cranky.

Passing Strange was definitely that show. I loved it.

Some brilliant music, some fabulous sendups of proper Broadway show tunes and dancing. The acting was wonderful and the writing sharp as. But what I loved most about Passing Strange was that I recognised so many of the characters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a musical about people so familiar to me. Twas eerie.

What kind of people? Middle class wankers, who want to make art, music, write, save the world. The show mocks them and their politics and loves them. It made me so very happy. And kind of embarrassed. Cause, um, I was just as self-centred and blinkered as a teenager and into my early twenties,1 which is the period covered by this bildungsroman.

There’s something very YA about the show. In the bestest of ways. Go see it.

But don’t go expecting a proper Broadway musical cause it’s nothing of the sort. It’s started life well off Broadway, has no elaborate sets or dance numbers, and it’s definitely not got any show tunes. Go see it anyways.

Next show on my list will be In the Heights cause of your warm recommendations and because I used to live in Washington Heights.

  1. And probably later, much later, but let’s not think about that, eh? []