Paperback US edition of Razorhurst in and My Sister Rosa News

9781616956257Razorhurst is now available in the USA as a paperback, with a whole new look. The new cover is getting a very strong response.

As a bonus, this brand-new paperback includes the first two chapters of My Sister Rosa. Cool, huh? You folks of the USA and Canada will get a teaser to get you even more excited for My Sister Rosa publishing in your countries in November.

My Sister Rosa will be published by Record in Brasil. I’m super thrilled with this as they have published many of my other books and I got to hang out with them a few years back and they are the best. Especially Ana Lima.

Rosa will also have a North American audio book produced by Blackstone Audio. They’re the ones who did the fantastic all-Australian audio book ofRazorhurst. So far all of my novels have had audio books. These means a lot to me because I know how important they are for my blind fans.


  1. Julia on #

    Yes! I can figure out more about this book, and the wait for My Sister Rosa will be a lot less painful now…

    • Justine on #

      The accidentally prematurely published post is now actually published and I can respond to your very quick off the mark comment!

      So pleased you’re excited for My Sister Rosa. Frankly I think November is way too soon. I have so much to get written by then!

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