No Bestselling Women’s Fiction Book Club This Month

Due to a terrible combination of deadlines, travelling, illness and other assorted calamaties Kate Elliott and myself will not be doing the book club this month. We’re bummed about it too. But life she threw too much at us this month.

We will be back in September to discuss Han Suyin’s A Many-Splendored Thing (1952). This is the first out of print book that we’ll be reading. I haven’t been able to find an ebook edition either. It’s truly out of print. Start putting it on hold at your library now.

You can see the schedule for the rest of the year here.

That discussion will be held: 30 September Tues in Australia and 29 September Monday in the USA.


  1. Susan Loyal on #

    Life, she should be treating you both better. Send her around to my place, and I will have words with her.

    I finished rereading South Rising this morning. (Yes, it’s the only book you picked that I’ve read before, rather than having just seen an awful movie version. In fact, it’s one of my favorite novels, I hadn’t read it for a couple of decades, and, if anything, I liked it even better this time through. So I’m happy to have read it, even if no book club.)

    I hope that September treats you both better.

    The US Razorhurst cover is amazing. I’m looking forward to that.

  2. Emma on #

    I hope South Riding gets put back on the schedule at some point! It’s one of my favorites too and I was looking forward to seeing you two discuss it.

  3. Suzanne on #

    Well, thanks for giving me an excuse to read South Riding, which I never would have picked up otherwise and found very interesting.

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