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Pretty much everyone I know is having babies. Or has them. Or is about to have more. Anyways there are babies everywhere in my life right now and I am often buying presents for people with babies. This has turned out to be a problem.

I don’t know if you have noticed but the clothes available for babies and littlies are AWFUL. As one friend said, “If I see another onesie with yellow ducks or blue boats I will scream!” And they’re almost always pastel. I HATE PASTELS. Or white. Or grey. Grey? What are they? Little prisoners in a dystopia? (Maybe. Don’t answer that.) Then there’s the whole girl clothes are mostly pink and boy clothes mostly blue thing. SERIOUSLY? What century is this?

So I am begging you, my faithful readers, do you know of anywhere that sells bold coloured onesies/rompers/whatever you call those little suits for babies in your culture? Where do I find Goth baby clothes? Anarchist baby clothes? Surreal baby clothes? Fun baby clothes? Hip baby clothes? Cool baby clothes? NOT PASTEL baby clothes?

I will be eternally in your debt.

Thank you!


  1. Jade on #

    I’m a few weeks away from having my first baby, so I feel you. I actually really like the Bonds stuff. We got this really cool charcoal suit with a front pocket (like a hoodie), which is super cute. We also got some romper suits in cool colours/prints. They also have cute tights.

    Good luck!

  2. Bec on # is a daily shirt site (one design every 24hrs) that do pop culture/nerdy designs and they print onto onsies. The designs aren’t always appropriate for babies to be wearing, but that call is up to you. are similar, I think they do onsies sometimes, but they definitely do kids sizes.

  3. Steven on #

    Here’s a Sydney (Australia) store which caters for the girls-must-wear-pink, boys-must-wear-blue group a well as normal people 😉

  4. Brendan on #

    Might be a bit on the pricey side but Cafe Press has a range ofbabywear. I did a search on Nerd baby clothes, which ended up being a subset of a subset of a subset of prints.

    I did like the WASD letter block design.

  5. Laurel on #

    Mega packs of nappies are always well received. Everyone gives you tiny clothes when you have a baby, and they grow out of them in about 5 minutes. But nappies are always needed.

  6. Carol on #

    Apple was once selling black onesies with original I-pod controls printed on the front….

  7. Justine on #

    I don’t know why I didn’t ask youse lot earlier. I’m an idiot. Thank you!

  8. Jessica on #

    Not a suggestion for a specific place, and you may already know this, but don’t get newborn or even 3-6 month sizes (unless they’re specifically asked for). Your friends are going to be getting plenty of those sizes and they only last a few months at most! Instead, go for 6-12 month, 12-18, or even 19-24. Then a year or two down the line, your bleary-eyed friends will pull them down at last and say a little prayer for you. 😛

  9. marrije on #

    Or try for amazing hand-made stuff! Glad you don’t give your friends cuddly toys – they are very sweet, but as a young parent I DROWNED in them.

  10. Jenny Rae Rappaport on #

    As the mother of a 14 month old girl, who I’m desperately trying not to dress in pink, this is of serious interest to me! I love the following companies:

    Tea Collection, Mini Boden, Gymboree (they’re one of the few that does some non-pink stuff for girls), H&M (has some non-pink stuff, but lower quality), and Janie and Jack (has gorgeous higher end baby and children’s clothes). Other moms I know adore places like Hanna Anderssen (sp?) or Gap. You have to search for them, but there are definitely cute, non-gender-stereotyping clothes out there.

    We are desperately trying to avoid the princess stage here. =)

  11. Kaethe on #

    I second marije on skipping the stuffies, and Jessica on sizing up. Board books are very welcome gifts, though. First time parents might well appreciate a disc of lullabies, too.

    And I am so wishing I’d thought to ask you lot when I had my first baby. Folks who knew of my loathing for pastels made a huge effort for which I am grateful, but these sites would have been a boon.

  12. Tansy Rayner Roberts on #

    There are often quite cool things, it just takes hunting it down. The Bonds range (and quite a lot of the Dymples range) are pretty good, colourwise, with plenty of primary colours, stripes and bold patterns.

    Actual baby shops are often quite awful and expensive, though they do occasionally do awesome things like pirate ranges of clothing.

    Also there is a current trend towards superhero clothes for babies and toddlers which means I can dress my 3 year old in Batman t-shirts, worth keeping an eye out for in Big W or Target (in Australia). On a similar line, you can often find handmade superhero capes for babies on Etsy, or Batman tutus.

    There are some very cute baby books riffing off famous works of literature

  13. Jenna Rose on #

    Offbeat Mama is a great go-to site for any and all non-boring, non-gender-binary parenting/baby stuff. They have many, many pages of delicious, offbeat baby clothes (both tagged under “kids-clothes”, and listed by vendor in the shopping category). Happy shopping!

  14. Ronni on #

    As children (in the ’90s), my sister and I wore a lot of Hanna Andersson stuff. It’s good in that it’s quite timeless, extremely durable (seriously, I had a cardigan from there that I wore from the ages of six to twelve) and mainly in bold, bright colours. Barely any pastel, and not much gender-stereotypical-coloured clothing. (However, they seem to have added a lot of stereotypically ‘girly’ prints to the lineup. But the old classics are still there.)

  15. Sarah on # have some baby stuff star trek onesies for pirate baby stuff

  16. Nif on #

    I’m currently drooling over Mini Boden for my toddler. I think their t-shirt designs are funny, and I love that the baby section isn’t labeled by gender.

    We got our son plain bodysuits in a rainbow array of bright colors from We were so happy to have something non-gendered, and plain stuff is great to wear under overalls and pjs.

    You might also try Zutano.

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