31st Last Day of 2012 4


19th Brasil! Legal! 1


10th Julia Gillard’s Historic Speech 13
3rd Training can be Better than Competing 22
2nd The Brad Pitt Defence 9


25th On the Differences Between Publishing Houses 3
24th Arse-kicking Protags Who No Longer Study 6
21st Baby Clothes 30
20th Writing Your First Novel 7
19th Girls Who Hates Girls 19
18th Please, Please, Please, Give Your Protag Friends, a Sibling, Parents 12
17th On Marriage 5
14th Why I Love Rewriting 3
13th Epiphanies, Other Opinions and Listening 10
12th Femme Fatale Songs 2
10th On Humility 11
7th Lesser Fears 10
5th Racism in the Books We Write 42
3rd Taking No For an Answer 7


29th How To Enjoy Critical Reviews of Your Own Work 5
27th The Supposed Power of Reviews 10
24th Changing My Mind: On What to Do About Cranky Authors 15
23rd What to Study to Become a Writer 9
22nd Lessons From Hollywood: Never Marry Someone In The Same Industry As You 11
21st We Can’t Control Anyone But Ourselves 0
20th “Legitimate Rape” and Other Craptastic Beliefs From the Olden Days 13
17th Selling Yourself Online 14
16th Expats 2
15th How Great Britain Did Not Do As Well As Australia At The London Olympics 9
13th A Feel Good Joyful Funny Film: The Sapphires 4
13th What To Do About Cranky Authors 18
9th The Point of Process Porn 4
8th On Getting Notes From First Readers 0
7th Getting Started 7
6th Why Women Are Silent (Updated) 6
2nd Pro Writer versus Pro Academic (Updated) 9
1st Duty of Care 11


31st On Blogging and the Olympics 7
30th Writing to the Market 2
27th YA Novelists Are In It For The Money 16
26th School/Author Visits/the Glories of Q & A/Fake Blind Bank Robbers 6
25th What Are You Watching? 13
24th No, I’m Not Dying For My Books to Become Hollywood Movies 7
23rd Becoming a Brand Versus Writing What You Want to Write (Updated) 5
20th Writing Dialogue 7
19th On People Reading in Public 6
18th In Which I Opine About Bubble Skirts 14
17th Finished the First Draft; Time for the Real Work to Begin 15
16th State of the RSI 9
13th Writing about Racism in the Past (Updated) 19