1. sean on #

    This post: so awesomely true it probably doesn’t need me agreeing with it. But I feel the need to join you in the celebration. Writing *is* terrific. So glad you’re enjoying it.

    Any particular reason for this epiphany?

  2. Maureen Hume on #

    So very true, Justine. It’s a matter of perspective and if you get it right it’s the best feeling in the world.

  3. Joey-la on #

    I agree, writing is awesome… you can do it well! When your brain just won’t work and you can’t think of the right word, it is painful.
    But I do agree, writing is fun and oh so satisfying

  4. Bookewyrme on #

    Hear hear! Writing is definitely fun! I feel like there should be a holiday dedicated to writing…..I mean why not, everyone else gets one! ^_^

  5. A. Grey on #

    The only reason I write is because it makes me happy!

  6. Paige on #

    Writing is truely awesome!

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