In Istanbul

I have fallen in love with yet another city. Istanbul is glorious. We have met with our lovely agent here, Asli Ermiş, who took us to meet our publishers, Omer Yenici at Epsilon (who will be publishing Leviathan) and Ilgin Toydemir at Artemis (who will be publishing Liar and already publish Midnighters). They in turn took us out for fabulous lunches.

In Istanbul we have eaten.

A lot.

First course at Borsa restaurant.

A baklava shop, which sells many sweet and wondrous things. Yes, we bought and we ate.

The Egyptian spice market.

I am of the school that finds Turkish Delight delightful. In fact, even Scott liked the Turkish Delight here and he claims to hate it on account of its grandma soap taste. The Turkish Delight in Istanbul is the best I’ve ever had.

Ciya, my favourite restaurant so far. So many things I’d never tasted before in my life. All of it really good. If I could live at Ciya, I would. A multi-course meal for the two of us cost under forty USD (that’s together, not each). And we ate an INSANE amount of food, and drank mulberry and other fruit juices of wonder.

Brunch at the Four Seasons. This is the dessert station.

Once again my apologies for not posting or responding to mail and comments. We are too busy eating and seeing the glorious sights. This is the first real holiday I’ve had in a long time and I’m enjoying it muchly.

Hmm . . . is it lunch time yet?


  1. Rhiannon Hart on #

    Oh. My god. Get me there now. That food looks insanely good! You lucky, lucky writers.

  2. Maureen on #

    Everthing looks so sinfully delicious…can I say including the cello playing man?

  3. Sir Tessa on #


    Dude. Moar photos of food, please! In love with just looking at the dishes.

  4. Julia Rios on #

    Yum! I love rose flavored things, but I’ve never actually had Turkish Delight (save the Cadbury’s kind, which is evil). I bet it is awesome! All of that food looks so delicious.

  5. Courtney on #

    Oh, man. *_* Now I need to go to Istanbul… NOW.

  6. wandering-dreamer on #

    Mmmmm, the desserts look amazing.

  7. Dilsad on #

    I was born at Istanbul 🙂 Yes the foods are very yummy! And the desserts are EXTREME yummy.

  8. ecem on #

    I live in İstanbul and here is really great and foods are awesome… Turkish delights are great and we call them here: LOKUM.

  9. Dilsad on #

    Yes its called ‘lokum’! do u noe how to speak turkish? well incase u do, Merhaba!

  10. ecem on #

    i was born here, i live in here. So… yes i know turkish:
    Merhaba, nasılsın? =)

  11. Eric Luper on #

    Istanbul = Favorite. City. Ever.

  12. Dilsad on #

    Wow! you were born at Turkey too? Thats awsume!!!! Iyim sen nasilsin?????

  13. Shveta Thakrar on #

    Justine, I so want the food from Ciya. *drool*

    I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful time! 🙂

  14. ecem on #

    ben de iiyim…do u live in turkey or another country??

  15. dilsad on #

    I live in America, i was born at Turkey though. They say Turkey has changed, has it? And do you live in Istanbul?

  16. Ana on #

    I read your blog pretty much every day, I am a major fan. I am de-lurking just to say: Turkish food is the best food in the planet. When I went to Turkey I put on an insane amount of weight, but I did not care. All the things they do with aubergines, it is INSANE. And all the sweets!

    : D

  17. ecem on #

    Turkey has changed, there is a lot of trouble here. AKP ( our government) just dont care our problems. They just care about money. So we’re not so happy. And i live in İstanbul… How old are u?

  18. Marjorie on #

    So glad you enjoyed Istanbul – I was there around this time last year, and hope to go back sometime.

  19. Dilsad on #

    im 13….pretty young how about you? Wait are you a girl or boy?? im a girl, and yes i knoe the AKP…we have turkish channels here in America. Yes true they only care about the money. Lucky that you live in Istanbul! Write back soon! maybe i should give you my email so we can email each other. Well bye now!

  20. ecem on #

    I’m a girl too and im 14… I go to İstanbul High School… i would be very happy if you can give me your e-mail…=) Mine is:

  21. dilsad on #

    Ok i’ll send you an email right now!!! Mine is:

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